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Anal Toys

Anal stimulation makes for steamy foreplay for many. The anus, rectum and buttocks are all highly sensitive erogenous zones. These toys make this type of sex enjoyable and fulfilling. We have thousands of adult novelties in this category, from plugs, beads, prostate massagers and other butt toys. Do not forget to use adequate lubrication to make sex safe and fun.

Anal BeadsBeads
Beads sex toys consisting of a string, cord or firm rod with many rounds beads attached. These beads cause stimulation as they are inserted into and pulled out of the anus. Use beads on a string for butt toys that stimulates the sphincter opening. Beads on a rod provide a more firm insertion and a more rigid structure to enjoy.

Anal Douches EnemasDouches and Enemas
Hygiene is important for butt sex. Cleanse your colon and remove bad odors and fecal matter by using enema kits. Our douches and enema kits will give a pleasant smell to this type of sex. Perform an enema if the smell of sex play bothers you and to keep your toys clean.

Safe sex involves lots and lots of lubricant for your toys to gently glide in. Do not rely on ordinary sex lube, use personal lubricant specifically designed for this intimate activity. Protect your sphincter, rectal walls and skin from tearing by being well lubricated with anal lubes.

Trainer Kits
Safe sex is dependent on training your muscles to relax. Rectal muscles which are too tight and not relaxed will clench too tightly, causing butt toys to tear skin and muscles. Our anal trainer kits will teach you to relax your muscles, making for a more pleasant experience for both partners. Use a trainer kit before progressing to more vigorous play.

Butt PlugsPlugs
Butt plugs are a classic anal toy. These butt plugs toys consist of a bulb tip of various sizes (usually mushroom shaped), which is inserted into the anus, and stopped by a base which forms a seal around the anus. The groove between the base and the tip is narrow, allowing you to enjoy stimulation without requiring that your sphincter remain expanded for long durations. Plugs are a perfect starter toy if you are new to this type of sex.

Probes Sticks RodsProbes, Rods and Sticks
This category allows for insertion into the anus for more penetration than you would normally find on a butt plug and other toys. Our probes sticks rods are for enjoying deeper sex. Probes are a bit more extreme anal toy and sometimes preferred by those in the BDSM community.

Prostate MassagersProstate Massagers
The prostate is known as the male “g spot”. Stimulating the prostate with a massager can result in a unique orgasm separate from typical male ejaculation. Our prostate massagers are the perfect toys for stimulating the prostate. These are male sex toys for enhanced ass play. Prostate massagers are great for males. Try a prostate massager for a unique experience.

Colt Inflatable Butt Plug
Colt expandable butt plugThe great thing about inflatable butt plugs is that they start out small, and you gradually increase their size. This is not only good for anal training (slowly acclimating your anus for larger and larger items), it also allows you to select the size...Read more » ($21.32)
Anal Lubricant for Women
Encounter female anal lubricant - ultimateWhen you think about getting some anal lubricant, what you’re looking for is a type of lube which is thicker. A thick lube for...Read more » ($5.48)
Silicone Black Beads
Silicone Beads BlackThese black beads are what you need if hygiene is a priority. They are made of silicone — which is perfect as it makes...Read more » ($34.76)
Deep Cleansing Kit
Deep Cleansing KitThis enema and douche kit has adapters for cleansing both anal and rectal cavities....Read more » ($22.27)
Juli Ashton Butt Trainer
Juli ashton`s anal beginners kitProper training is absolutely necessary for engaging in safe and pleasurable anal sex. This...Read more » ($25.56)
Basix Butt Plug for Beginners 3.5 inch
Basix 3.5in Beginner`s Butt PlugStarting on the journey to enjoying fantastic anal sex? Make sure you do it...Read more » ($5.08)
Large Triple Ripple Butt Plug
Triple Ripple Butt Plug LargeThis sex toy made by Doc Johnson is a large butt plug. It can...Read more » ($11.11)
Prostate Massager made of Silicone
Falcon, ProFlex, Vibrating Prostate MassagerWhen you’re dealing with anal toys, cleaning them after use is imperative. It is...Read more » ($43.99)
Pleasure Tree Dildo from Rear Enders
Rear Enders - Pleasure Tree DildoBeige skin colored and super soft, the Pleasure Tree anal dildo is an excellent...Read more » ($19.60)
Connoisseur Anal Trainer Kit
Juli Ashton Anal Beginner KitThe original Connoisseur kit from New Concepts has been discontinued but we find this...Read more » ($25.56)
Gemini Dual Probe
Pink Gemini ProbeThe Gemini Probe has two prongs, one for use in the vagina and a...Read more » ($39.49)
Flexible Anal Probe
Anal-Flex ProbeDo you want deep anal sex with a ridged probe, one which is flexible...Read more » ($38.17)
Aneros Maximus Prostate Toy
Aneros MaximusThe Aneros Maximus is a luxury prostate toy. This is the largest toy in...Read more » ($76.27)
Ass Berry Vibrating Butt Plug
Ass-Berry Blackberry“Ass Berries” are vibrating anal plugs that are shaped like various berries. The Blackberry...Read more » ($23.41)
Anal Balloon
Butt BalloonThis “Butt Balloon” is an inflatable anal sex toy. How large do you want...Read more » ($30.27)
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