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Probes, Sticks & Rods

Probes Sticks RodsProbes are elongated sex toys designed for a deeper penetration of the anus. Rods and sticks are the same, made for deep penetration butt sex. We have a large selection of anal toys for deep anal sex, including probes, rods and sticks. These longer deeper penetrating sex toys are popular with the BDSM community who enjoy engaging in fetish anal sex.

Pleasure Tree Dildo from Rear Enders
Rear Enders - Pleasure Tree DildoBeige skin colored and super soft, the Pleasure Tree anal dildo is an excellent butt plug probe. Extending a length of 10.5 inches with an insertable length of 5.8 inches before you’re at the end of the ribbed soft balls.Read more » ($19.60)
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