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Bullet Wands

Bullet Wands
Bullet wands are the only type of bullets which should be inserted into the body, aside from a long slim bullet vibrator.

These vibrator types are great for stimulating both the G Spot and the male prostate. We have descriptions below for the massage of both areas.

Bullet wand vibrator as a prostate massagerProstate Massager

In the left diagram, you will notice the location of the prostate gland in men. As you can see, it is almost directly above the anal opening.

The prostate gland is often called the “male g spot”, and can lead to an intense orgasm when a vibrator is applied. A flexible vibrator bullet is a great sex toy for both men and women.

Bullet wand vibrator as g spot vibratorG Spot Massage

In this picture, you can see the location of the g-spot in women, at the tip of the inserted finger.

It is difficult for a straight vibrator to reach this area — that is why all vibrators specifically designed for the g spot all have curved tips at the end. With a flexible bullet wand vibrator, you can reach the female g spot by curving the tip of the vibrator. Stimulating this area helps women experience ag spot orgasm, which is different than a clitoral or a vaginal orgasm.

Gerbil Sex Toy
Gerbil Flex StimulatorThe Gerbil Flex Stimulator is a flexible firm vibrator great for internal sexual vibration. Use inside the vagina as a g spot stimulator for a woman, inside the anus for anal stimulation or prostate massaging as a sex toy for men.Read more » ($20.86)
Flexo Pleaser Bullet Wand
Flexo-pleaserThe Flexo Pleaser is 14″ in its entire length, and 8″ long from the base of the control wand to the tip. The vibrating...Read more » ($14.50)
Techno Flex Bullet Wand Vibrator
Techno FlexThis bullet vibrator has a head that is approximately two inches long and 1 1/4″ in girth. The shaft is five inches long. This...Read more » ($0.00)
Flex a Pleasure Vibrator Wand
Flex A Pleasure Vibrator - PurpleDoc Johnson is a leader in producing quality sex toys, and this bullet wand...Read more » ($23.52)
Sunny Leone Bullet Wand
Vivid Girl Power Massager RedThis Doc Johnson vibrator bullet wand features the approval of pornstar Sunny Leone. It...Read more » ($22.11)
Massager Bullet Wand Vibrator
Surprise Massager - PurpleThis personal massager bullet wand is also considered a finger vibrator. It attaches to...Read more » ($11.51)
Flex A Pleaser Bullet Wand
Flex A PleaserThis is a powerful bullet wand vibrator with multi-control functions that allow you to...Read more » ($13.71)
Flexible Bullet Wand
Flexa Pleaser Waterproof Massager - PinkThe Luv Touch Flexa Pleaser is a flexible, waterproof, variable-function and multi-speed vibrator bullet...Read more » ($19.60)
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