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Dual Bullets & Eggs

Dual bullet or egg vibrators are vibes that are shaped like a bullet (or egg) and typically attached to a single control panel. This category also contains the triple bullet vibrators (same as dual except with three). They are used to stimulate erogenous zones, including vaginal, clitoral and the anus.

  • Clitoral These sex toys are excellent for clitoral stimulation. Use them directly applied to the clitoris, or use a silicone or similar vibrator sleeve and slide it over the dual bullets to alter the sensations you feel when using your bullet vibrators.
  • Vagina When using to stimulate the vagina, be careful if you decide to fully insert the vibrator. Typically, the cords on bullets are not strong enough to withstand clenching muscles when attempting to withdraw a bullet vibrator from deep inside the vagina. If this is your intended use, you may wish to use a vibrator bullet wand (a bullet wand has a firm shaft, instead of a thin cord, attaching the controls to the bullet allowing for a more sturdy insertion deep within the vagina or anus). Dual bullet vibrators are perfect to use within the vagina around the outer labia lips and shallowly inserted.
  • Anal Sex As with the vagina, be careful not to fully insert the bullet inside the anus. The problem is the rectal wall muscles are too strong and may clench the bullet too firmly and detach it from its cord. Dual bullets are fine to use around the outer edges of the ass and half inserted into the anus. If deeper penetration is desired, again you may wish to consider a vibrator bullet wand.
Triple Bullet Vibrator Interactive Trio
Interactive Trio PinkWhen two vibrating bullets aren’t enough — use three! This triple bullet vibrator is just what you need to stimulate all your erogenous zones — or use the extra(s) to share with your partner! Made by California Exotic Novelties — a top quality name...Read more » ($16.48)
Slim Twin Silver Bullets Dual Bullet Impulse Pocket Pak
Impulse Pocket Pak - Slim Twin BulletsThe Slim Twin Silver Bullets has five speeds of vibration and variable pulsating features. This is a powerful dual silver bullet sex toy, with...Read more » ($19.60)
De Flower Kit Dual Bullet Vibrator
De Flower KitThe De Flower dual bullet kit has nine functions of vibration on its flower attachment bullet vibrator. This coupled with eight speeds of vibration...Read more » ($59.83)
Inter Activities Long Dual Bullet Vibrators
Interactive - bullet and magnumInteractive has made an extra-long four inch bullet vibrator, accompanied by a dual two...Read more » ($14.01)
Passion Bullets
Passion Bullets and Multi-Probe BulletThese dual bullets feature unique design, one has beaded-like curves making it a great...Read more » ($21.93)
Waterproof Dual Bullet Twin Mini Bullets
The Twin Mini Bullets PinkThe Twin Mini Bullets are ergonomically designed. They are pleasant looking design with ergonomics...Read more » ($20.68)
Interactive Double Bullets
Interactive DoubleThese Interactive Double Bullets have extra long 30 inch cords allowing you to use...Read more » ($13.97)
Pocket Exotics Double Gold Bullets
Double Gold bulletsPocket Exotics dual bullet vibrator “Double Gold Bullets” feature multiple speeds of vibration and...Read more » ($10.74)
Nassty Girl Double Bullet
Nassty Girl Double  Bullet Streamline“Naughty Toys for Bad Girls Who Want to Feel Good!” This Nassty dual bullet...Read more » ($12.54)
Premium Silicone Double Bullets Turbo 8 Accelerator
Turbo 8 Accelerator -LavenderCheck out the reviews on this exceptional dual bullet vibrator with soft coated bullets...Read more » ($24.60)
Millenium Dual Bullet Long and Short Bullets
Millenium Dual Bullet - Purple and TealThe Millenium Dual Bullets feature two different sized bullet vibrators, one which is 3...Read more » ($13.66)
Climax Clicks 7x Dual Bullets
climax clicks, 7x Double Clicks Mini, LimeClimax Clicks has an elegant lime green double bullet called the 7x double click...Read more » ($25.57)
Silver Dual Dancing Bullets
Dual Dancing BulletsThe Silver Dual Dancing Bullets from Doc Johnson provide dual stimulation. These dual silver...Read more » ($10.47)
Dual Bullet Vibrator Blaster
Dual bullet blaster with 4 sleevesThe Dual Bullet Blaster is an extreme experience. A panel controls two bullets with...Read more » ($42.33)
Double Happiness Vibrating Pleaser
Grrrl Toyz - Double Happiness Egg/bulletThe Double Happiness Vibrating Pleaser from Grrl Toyz features both an egg and a...Read more » ($15.90)
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