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Single Bullets & Eggs

Single Bullets and Eggs
Egg and bullet vibrators are used to massage erogenous zones, on the clitoris, the outer labia and outer rim of the anus. Single bullets and eggs are vibrators that are typically attached to a control panel for its battery and controls for vibration escalation — or they are larger single egg vibrators that are wireless and have controls for speed and vibration pulsation on the egg itself.

How do you use an egg or bullet vibrator?

Single egg vibrators such as found for sale on this page have various uses depending on their design. A typical design of a single bullet or egg attached to a wire can be used for vibrating the clitoris for a clitoral orgasm, or massaging the outer labia lips of a vagina or outer skin of the anus for anal play. Do not insert the bullets or eggs deep within the vagina or anus, as the vagina muscles may clench or rectal wall muscles may retain the vibrator tightly and separate the egg or bullet vibe from the cord. Only insert bullet vibrators where the actual bullet is very long, three inches or longer and not completely inserted.

Cleopatra Vibrator
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Erotic Limits Micro Bullet
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