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Classic Vibrators

Classic VibratorsThe classic vibrator is the tried and true vibe type loved by women for decades. Here we have regular sex toy that can be used as-is, or along with sleeves to vary the sensations received. These adult toys share in common a style shaped as a dildo and made for insertion into the vagina or for anal sex.

Clit Cuddlers
They are made to be nestled against the clitoris. The tip of a clit cuddler is curved and sometimes spoon-shaped to assist in completely surrounding a womans clit for maximum vibration. Clit cuddlers are helpful to many women seeking quick and powerful clitoral orgasms.

Vibrating DildosVibrating Dildos
Our firm dildo section consists of dildo shaped vibes. Some vibes are smooth, while some of our dildo sex toys have ridges, penis heads and other types of extra stimulation features. Typically these vibrating dildos have control panels built into their base and are twisted to speed up, slow down or stop the vibrating action. With hundreds of unique dildo vibes, you are certain to find a firm dildo to meet your personal satisfaction.

Flexible dildos and wands are excellent for reaching the g spot to produce g spot orgasms, because the head can be curved to reach the g spot area of a womans vagina. Also great in producing vaginal orgasms and for ass play. Simply curve these bendable flexible vibrators to your desired angle and enjoy!

Dildo Vibrators with SleevesDildo Vibes with Sleeves
Dildos can be a lot of fun. Add to the variations of that pleasure by getting a sleeve. These dildo vibrators with sleeves let you alter the feelings a dildo provides by sliding a silicone or similar soft pliable sleeve to the outside of your vibrating dildo.

Kick Ass Pussy Pump
Kick Ass Pussy PumpWe have been searching to find the best Pussy Pump to recommend. Here it is! The most remarkable new development in the sex toy market! The Kick Ass Pussy Pump has stormed its way into our best sellers almost overnight.Read more » ($31.35)
Best Vibrating Pussy Sucker and Nipple Vibrator
Fetish Fantasy Triple Super Suck Her - PurpleIf you’re looking for the best pussy sucker that vibrates, you’re in for a treat! Now presenting the Fetish Fantasy Triple Super Suck Her,...Read more » ($43.89)
Water Lily Vibrator
Emma`s Garden Lily PinkThis clit-tingling “Water Lily Vibrator” from Emmas Garden is made to perfectly engulf the clitoris. The tip contains a curved “lily” tip that has...Read more » ($30.29)
Houstons Pink Leopard Vibrator
Houston`s Pink Leopard VibratorThis firm dildo is simple yet effective — and cheap! Women love this style...Read more » ($12.25)
Slim Waterproof Dildo
Slim waterproof vibrator - lavenderFor playing in the bathtub, shower, hot tub, skinny dipping and any other type...Read more » ($8.21)
Crystal Essence Passion Vibrator
Crystalessence Passion KitThe Crystal Essence is a quality firm vibe that comes with two ribbed sleeves....Read more » ($15.60)
Kinky Mouse Vibrator
Kinky Mouse Bendable Vibrator PurpleThe Kinky Mouse is a flexible, bendable classic style sex toy that has ten...Read more » ($32.89)
Envy Elegant Vibrator
Envy elegant - purpleThe Envy Elegant is a highly pliable and soft dildo vibrator that is 7...Read more » ($28.69)
Glow In The Dark Vibrator
Glow in the Dark KitThis cool glow in the dark kit contains a firm plastic vibrator along with...Read more » ($16.39)
Baby Bug Vibrator
Baby Bug - WatermelonBaby Bug Mini pink vibrator is waterproof and made of silicone, so it is...Read more » ($63.90)
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