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Flexible Vibrators

Flexible Vibrators
Flexible vibrators are bendable to your desired angle. They are extremely useful vibrators that can be straightened to act like a straight dildo vibrator, or curved for purposes such as bending the tip to help reach a females g spot. A flexible vibrator can help provide resistance, allowing you to rub all the right places the right way.

How do you use a flexible dildo vibrator?

The G Spot You can bend the tip of a flexible dildo vibrator in order to reach the g spot. There are many types of sex toys that are perfect for G Spot stimulation, a few are below.

  1. Flexible dildo vibrators. This page features flexible vibrating dildos.
  2. Flexible wand vibrators. Similar to flexible dildos except the wand is thin so does not provide vaginal stimulation while massaging the g spot.
  3. G spot vibrators Similar to flexible dildos except they are usually not bendable (their curved tip is in a fixed position).
  4. G spot rabbit vibrators Similar to G spot vibrators except they have a clitoral stimulation attachment, making them perfect for g spot, vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously.

As you can see from the picture above, the g spot is located approximately three inches inside the vagina and toward the outer wall. See how the finger in the diagram has to curve in order to touch and stimulate the g spot?

Problem with Straight Dildos

Problem with Straight DildosThe above picture shows the problem with straight vibrators for some women. When attempting to angle to touch the g spot, less clitoral stimulation occurs. When trying to angle to stimulate the clitoris, the g spot receives less stimulation. It becomes difficult for some women to use a straight vibrator to attempt clitoral and g spot orgasms simultaneously.

Benefits of Flexible Vibrating Dildo

Benefits of Flexible Vibrating DildoThe problem with a straight vibrator as illustrated above (where a woman can choose to stimulate the clitoris or g spot with a dildo, but it is difficult to stimulate both) is solved with a flexible vibrator which can stimulate both the clitoris and g spot simultaneously (not to mention provoke a vaginal orgasm as well). Thanks for visiting Sex Toy Vibe, we hope you select your next flexible vibrating dildo from us!

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