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Vibrating Dildos
Vibrating dildos give the best of both worlds, a realistic dildo that can be inserted into the vagina — stimulating an orgasm manually, and the extra vibration needed to push you over the top every time. The vibes in this category are typically firm vibrators and work well with vibrator sleeves. A vibrator sleeve will give these firm vibrators a softer feel and various sensations different than the vibe with no sleeve. Thank you for browsing our large dildo vibrator selection at Sex Toy Vibe.

How do you use a vibrating dildo?

How do you use a vibrating dildoDildo vibrators can be used by themselves, with a vibrator sleeve, for sex play involving vaginal or anal penetration. Following are techniques you can use to get the most out of your vibrating dildo.

  • Dildo vibes can be used externally, massaging the labia minora (pussy lips) or the clitoris. These vibrators are dildo shaped like a cock, but they do not necessarily need to be used internally. A firm dildo vibrator can be used on the clitoris by nestling the vibrator against the clitoral hood, or pull the hood back to expose the clitoris. Consider massaging the rim of the anus. Many women will not consider anal play by penetrating the anus, but a light vibrating massage around the outer rim can be very stimulating.
  • Use with a vibrator sleeve. The picture to the right shows essentially what a vibrator sleeve is. Slide a vibrator sleeve onto your firm vibrator and suddenly you have a realistic cock shaped vibrating dildo! There are many options of vibrator sleeves, including ticklers, sleeves with bunny ear clitoral stimulators, sleeves that are realistic cocks with real looking veins and many more options.
  • Use vibrator dildos internally for anal sex or vaginal penetration. Always make certain to be well lubricated when doing this, browse our personal lubricant category if you need sex lube. Go slowly at first and warm up to deep and fast thrusting — if your body is in pain it is telling you that something is wrong, either use more lubricant or make certain you engage in foreplay. For anal sex, you may need to relax your rectal muscles with a small butt plug before progressing on to deep penetration thrusting.
Houstons Pink Leopard Vibrator
Houston`s Pink Leopard VibratorThis firm dildo is simple yet effective — and cheap! Women love this style of plastic vibrator because they are so easy to clean and maintain! The Houston’s Pink Leopard is great to use under water because it is waterproof. It is 6 1/2″...Read more » ($12.25)
Slim Waterproof Dildo
Slim waterproof vibrator - lavenderFor playing in the bathtub, shower, hot tub, skinny dipping and any other type of exotic water sex sports — the slim waterproof vibrator...Read more » ($8.21)
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