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Discreet Vibrators

Discreet Vibrators
Want to bring your favorite vibrator to work, but not crazy about the idea of anyone else discovering your secret? You need one that is discreet! These are disguised as common objects; the fact that they house a sex toy is something only you will know. There are many types of concealed sex toys, from lip gloss for your purse, to rubber ducky vibes for your bathroom, and wearable vibrating panties.

Following is a list of typical adult toys for you to enjoy in private.

  • Vibrating Panties: Nobody will know your undergarment conceals a hidden adult toy! Vibrating underwear and panties are extra discreet because they remain under your clothing.
  • Makeup: Lipstick in your purse will never be suspected to be a sex toy. This is especially the because the lipstick really does work! We also have makeup compacts which are concealed, ready for you to enjoy in private.
  • Cellphone: Your new cell phone will be on permanent vibration mode! Nowadays everyone carries a cell phone; people will be oblivious to the fact that your cell has a naughty side.
  • Keychains: What better way to make sure you always have your adult toy available to you? You take your keys everywhere, so you will always have them available! We have an assortment of keychains including flashlight and ornamental vibes attached to your keychain. Dual purpose toys can be very useful if you end up actually needing a flashlight, or enjoy the fashion statement of your new keychain vibe.
  • Jewelry: We have a fashionable assortment of jewelry vibrators including necklaces and pendants that vibrate. Place jewelry around your neck and take it everywhere you go.
  • Everyday Items How about a hairbrush? Put the brush in your purse and no one will suspect a thing. When you have visitors or guests, that rubber ducky on your bathtub edge will not raise suspicion that you really enjoy your bath time.
Discreet Necklace Vibrator
Pirates Gold Pendant VibeThe best place to hide a sex toy is right under everyone’s nose! Enjoy a fashionable style by wearing this beautiful gold necklace. It doubles as a discreet vibrator. It has five different intensities and functions, all powered by one button.Read more » ($16.83)
Discreet Hairbrush Vibrator
Hairbrush plus w/velvet carrying bagThis hairbrush has a vibrator hidden in the handle. When you want to enjoy your intimate play sessions, but do not want anyone to...Read more » ($41.93)
Discreet Lipstick Vibrator
Lipstick Vibe Metallic PinkThis lipstick brings a glow to your face differently than most makeup! It appears to be lipstick, yet in fact it is a sex...Read more » ($8.58)
Vibrating Panties with Wireless Remote
Wireless Remote Vibrating PantiesThe best thing about these vibrating panties are the reviews! It has a perfect...Read more » ($76.80)
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