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Finger Vibrators

Finger Vibrators
Finger vibrators are an excellent way to enjoy intimate time with yourself or your partner. Attaching the vibrator to the tips of your fingers allows you to enjoy use of your hands, making finger vibrators a hands-free vibrator.

Tips for Using Finger Vibrators

How do you use a finger vibrator? There are many ways to enjoy. Here are some ideas and tips for you to get the most out of your favorite finger vibe.

  • Finger vibrators are discreet. Many vibrator toys today are bulky and large. Finger vibrators on the other hand (pun :) are small, lightweight and easily concealed in your pocket or under a pillow. This makes a finger vibrator a toy you can take with you and enjoy wherever you may find a bit of solitude.
  • Use with other sex toys. A finger vibrator assists in masturbation. Perhaps when you are inserting that dildo, some clitoral vibration will greatly enhance your experience. Because a finger vibe is attached to your finger tip, your hands are virtually free to do whatever you please, making other sex toys easier to handle.
  • Use a finger vibrator during sex. Many men climax before a woman has a chance to experience an orgasm. Certain positions can expose the clitoris to manual massaging (for instance, doggy style or spooning). During intercourse, use your finger vibrator to massage and vibrate the clitoris. Doing this would allow many women to experience far more orgasms before their man is “spent”.
  • Try finger vibrator foreplay. Having sex before a woman is ready can be an unpleasant experience for her. Make certain you are ready for your man. Proper foreplay will allow a woman to self lubricate properly and set stage for enjoyable sex. Clitoral stimulation with a finger vibrator is one way to have fulfilling foreplay before having sex.

There are many possibilities and methods for enjoying your new finger vibrator. These types of vibrators are perfect for clitoral stimulation, as well as tickling and teasing around other erogenous zones such as the anus rim and nipples. Thank you for visiting Sex Toy Vibe, and if you are interested in buying a finger vibrator, we have the largest inventory of them on the internet!

Frisky Fingers Bulk Vibrators
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Elephant Finger Vibrator
Nympho Blue Ultra FingerThis Elephant shaped finger vibrator, called the Nympho, is a vibrator made to be attached to your finger. The miniature elephant attaches to the...Read more » ($12.69)
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