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G Spot

G SpotThe G Spot references the “bean-shaped” erogenous zone in women; when this spot is stimulated by deep pressure, it produces vaginal orgasm, distinctly different from clitoral orgasm..

This “bean-shaped” area in the vagina is shown in the picture to the left, at the finger-tip of the hand and circled.

What is the best way to stimulate this erogenous zone? Many sex toys have been made to specifically massage the g spot. Below we categorize many types of toys for stimulating this area. Before listing those, here we have a guide on how to massage this area to produce an orgasm.

If you have never before experienced this type of orgasm, this guide will walk you step by step through what you need to do to successfully enjoy your first.

Step One: Warming Up with a Massage

This sensual area is located approximately three inches inside the vagina. As with intercourse, you do not want to “jump right in” without proper warm up. For you to enjoy it being massaged and aroused, you must first feel good about something being inserted into your vagina that far — which is best done after a relaxing massage. For at least 15 minutes, or until you feel entirely relaxed, have your back, neck and legs massaged.

Step Two: Proper Foreplay

Here are some steps to properly enjoy foreplay necessary to enjoy your first g spot orgasm:

  • Foreplay is as much mental as it is physical. Clear your mind. Remember the best times with your lover. Try not to be apprehensive about having an orgasm, instead focus on physical attraction — as much with your mind as with your body.
  • Have your erogenous zones teased and massaged. Stimulate your nipples, clitoris and anus — not so much stimulation as to produce a clitoral orgasm, just enough to be fully aroused. Take the physical massage you were receiving one step further and completely enjoy erotic caressing of all your erogenous zones.
  • Kiss! Kissing is part of the best foreplay as it involves both physical and mental stimulation.

Engage in these foreplay activities until you feel your precum (self lubrication) begin inside your vagina. If you feel you do not produce enough of your own precum (no matter how hard you focus on foreplay), make certain to apply generous amounts ofpersonal lubricant.

Step Three: Finding the G-Spot

At this time, a woman should be fully aroused and ready (if not, repeat above steps until she is). Here are the steps to properly stimulate an orgasm.

  • Examine the picture at the top of the page. Notice the location of the finger-tip. This is what you will be attempting to achieve, either with your finger or with a sex toy specifically made to reach the area.
  • Notice the finger action. The picture shows movement of the finger tip. You will want to massage this spot. One of the better ways to massage the g spot is with movements such as a window washer wiper, back and forth. Press somewhat firmly on the spot and gently rub back and forth.
  • Communicate with your partner. The area can be rather hard to reach with fingers if solo — if you are with with a partner make certain you let them know exactly what you are feeling, whether pleasant or not, and if you think the correct location is found.
  • Clitoral massage. It is possible to massage with the middle finger while also massaging the clitoris with the thumb. Any extra stimulation is good — try this as a means to help achieve an orgasm.
  • It is ok if it feels like you have to pee. Many women claim to experience female ejaculation as they have their g spot orgasm — which on first experience may feel like an urge to pee. 2350 professional women in the US and Canada were sent an anonymous questionnaire and received a 55% response rate. Of those who responded, 40% claim to release ejaculation at the moment of orgasm.

Continue the above steps until you reach a climax. If you do not experience one right away — it is ok. Practice over time will make this experience feel more natural and make it easier for you to experience one.

If you are having difficulty achieving a climax, you may wish to try a variety of sex toys that are tailored towards helping you achieve a g spot orgasm. Following are many types of toys for you to experiment with!

Bullets and Eggs

G Spot Bullets are thin, firm and long bullets with a curved tip. As the vagina is about 3 inches into the vagina, bullets are typically longer than 3 inches. These g spot bullets and eggs are made to be inserted with the curved tip towards the outer wall of the vagina so that the curved tip will nestle against the correct area to help provide a climax.

Clit Stimulators

Clit StimulatorsWhy just try for a g spot orgasm when you can experience a clitoral orgasm too? Our g spot clit stimulators category features vibrators that are made to stimulate both areas at the same time. These toys are angled so when inserted they vibrate both areas. Double the pleasure, double the orgasms!

Firm Vibrators

Firm VibratorsThe firm vibrators are similar to our classic firm dildo vibrators except for the tip. The tip of these firm vibrators is curved so that when it is inserted into the vagina and pointed towards the outer wall, it will be easier to stimulate the g spot. See the diagram at the top of this page to estimate where to place the curved tip.

Flexible Vibrators

Flexible VibratorsOur g spot flexible vibrators are similar to our flexible dildo vibrator category, except the curved end of these vibrators is more likely to reach and massage the right place. As these vibrators are bendable, it makes them easy to angle and position exactly as you desire. Flexible vibrators make it easier to massage this special erogenous zone.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit VibratorsThe famous rabbit vibrator style vibrator meets g spot stimulation to produce some of the most amazing sex toys on the planet — g spot rabbit vibrators. Rabbit vibrators are clitoral stimulators, with an attachment on the side of the shaft that has little bunny ears made to press against the clitoris and stimulate a clitoral orgasm. The shafts of these are curved at the tip, so that when it is inserted it will massage the correct area.

Rocker Vibrators

Rocker VibratorsRocker vibrators are C shaped — one end is inserted into the vagina, the other end of rocker vibrators rests outside and nestles up against the clitoris. It is called a rocker vibrator because after you have inserted this vibe — you can rock back and forth and the ends massage the clitoris and the g spot.

Mini G Rock Rocker Vibrator Pink
Mini g rock - pinkThe Mini G Rock Rocker is hot pink. It looks great, but more importantly it works great! It is ergonomically contoured, and has an extremely quiet and discreet vibration. Like all rockers, once you insert it and then sit on the bed or a...Read more » ($20.79)
Rock Chick Vibrator
Rock-chick original packaging - pinkStimulate both the clitoris and the g spot simultaneously with the Rock Chick. This sex toy has an excellent design, and excellent reviews. This...Read more » ($54.85)
True Love Passionate G Spot Vibrator
True Love Passionate Thermo Plastic Elastomer — excellent material for sex toys! It is simple to clean and non porous, thus making it easy to sterilize after...Read more » ($35.99)
Satin G Spot Vibe
Satin G  Passion Purple The Satin G Spot Vibe is made by Adam & Eve, and features a...Read more » ($10.69)
Silicone Diver Dolphin Vibrator
Silicone Diver Vibrator - G-contouredThis g spot vibrator has a cute dolphin-like tip, the nose stimulating that part...Read more » ($70.44)
Couture Nouveau Vibrator
Couture NouveauAs you can tell from the picture, the Nouveau is is an elegant, high...Read more » ($105.80)
Couture Abstract Vibrator
Couture AbstractThe Couture Collection Abstract g spot vibrator is a high end, quality and extremely...Read more » ($105.80)
G Spot Butterfly Flutter Mari Possa
The G Spot Flutter butterfly vibrator featuring Mari Possa boasts g spot pleasuring ability...Read more » ($)
Wild G Rabbit Vibrator
Wild g purpleThe Wild G is a waterproof rabbit g spot vibrator. It has a curved-end...Read more » ($56.03)
Pearl Panther Vibrator
Pearl panther g-spotThe Pearl Panther has a miniature panther attached to the dildo shaft. The panther...Read more » ($38.70)
Sue Johanson Vibrator
Sue johanson royal princess - bubblegumSue Johanson is the TV talk show host that features various sex toys. She...Read more » ($38.81)
Tantus G Spot Pearl
G-Spot Pearl WhiteThe G Spot Pearl vibrator from Tantus is a silicone sex toy. This vibrator...Read more » ($61.09)
Gigolo Vibrator
Gigolo 2 VanillaThis “Generation II” vibrator from Fun Factory is a high quality luxury g spot...Read more » ($52.80)
Butterfly Kiss G Spot Clit Stimulator
Butterfly KissThe Butterfly Kiss is a g spot clitoral stimulator with three speeds. The Butterfly...Read more » ($11.75)
The Insatiable G Vibrator
Insatiable GThe insatiable G is a type of vibrator which specializes in stimulating the female...Read more » ($35.97)
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