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G Spot Bullets & Eggs

G Spot Bullets and Eggs
A g spot bullet vibrator is a long bullet vibe that has a curved tip at the end, used for stimulating the g spot. G spot bullets are typically attached to cords with multi-speed functions. When inserting a g spot vibrator, the curved tip should be angled so that it faces the outer wall of the vagina.

How do you use a g spot bullet vibrator?

How do you use a g spot bullet vibrator
When you insert the g spot bullet vibrator into your vagina, the curved vibrator tip should nestle above the g spot area. See the image to the left where the g spot is located in the first picture. The bullet vibrator should be aligned with the g spot as shown in the second picture. Align the curve with your g spot to help stimulate a g spot orgasm.

XTreme Pack G Spot Bullet
Xtreme Pack G-Spot BulletThe XTreme Pack has a curved bullet tip and an extreme control panel that has 5 exhilarating speeds and seven functions of escalating pulsation. Bullet vibrators that stimulate the g spot are fantastic sex toys for women that produce a unique orgasm distinguished from...Read more » ($32.52)
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