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G Spot Rabbit Style

G Spot Rabbit VibratorsG spot rabbit vibrators are similar to rabbit vibrators, except the tip of the shaft has a curve which is made to rest in the g spot area of the vagina. This gives you all the clitoral and vaginal orgasmic benefits of a rabbit vibrator, combined with the g spot pleasing aspects of a g spot vibrator.

How do you use a g spot rabbit vibrator?

How do you use a g spot rabbit vibrator

The drawing to the left shows the position and angle you should place your g spot rabbit vibrator so that both the clitoris and the g spot are both stimulated simultaneously.

While other types of g spot vibrators, such as the firm g spot vibrator, can stimulate the clitoris as well through manual stimulation of the inner vaginal wall — the g spot rabbit vibrator offers a much more powerful clitoral stimulation with the “bunny ears” attached to the shaft of the rabbit vibrator. These soft bunny ears vibrate vigorously. Simply place these bunny ears on both sides of your clitoris externally, while the g spot vibrator is inside, allowing for powerful stimulation and orgasms of both the g spot and clitoris.

Silicone Diver Dolphin Vibrator
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Couture Nouveau Vibrator
Couture NouveauAs you can tell from the picture, the Nouveau is is an elegant, high end, gorgeous premium g spot rabbit vibrator. Enjoy the Couture...Read more » ($105.80)
Couture Abstract Vibrator
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G Spot Butterfly Flutter Mari Possa
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Wild G Rabbit Vibrator
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Pearl Panther Vibrator
Pearl panther g-spotThe Pearl Panther has a miniature panther attached to the dildo shaft. The panther...Read more » ($38.70)
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