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G Spot Rocker Style

G Spot Rocker Vibrators
Rocker G Spot vibrators have a unique design. They are C shaped, with one end of the C being inserted into the vagina and positioned in the g spot area, while the other end curves out and positions over the clitoris. Add powerful vibrations to the mix and you receive a vibrator that stimulates both the g spot and the clitoris.

How do you use a g spot rocker vibrator?

How do you use a g spot rocker vibrator

The C shape of a rocker vibrator is placed into the vagina as shown in the illustration to the left. The little curve at the end of the g spot end of the vibrator nestles into the g spot area of the vagina. The other end of the vibrator (in the example to the left) has ridges made for stimulating the clitoris. A bullet vibrator fits into the end (many rocker vibrators take bullet vibes as an insert to power them).

Rocker vibrators receive their name because, after you insert the vibrator, you “rock” your body forward and back which provides stimulation as the C shape shifts back and forth. This functions much the same as if you were to be manually inserting and withdrawing the vibrator, with the added benefit that your hands can be free while you use a g spot rocker vibrator. G spot rocker vibes are hands-free vibrators.

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