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Love Rings

Love Rings
We feature vibrating love rings here. In a different category we feature many more cock rings that arenot vibrators (and many more that are vibrators too). If you do not see cock ring vibrators here that you like, or you are interested in non-vibrating cock rings, check in the mens cock rings category.

How do you use a vibrating love ring?

How do you use a vibrating love ringVibrating love rings are meant to stimulate both a man and a woman. The drawing to the left illustrates the positioning of the vibrating cock ring. The vibrator should be positioned at the top. In this way, after the cock is inserted into the vagina, the vibrator will line up perfectly with a womans clitoris. After you thrust, resting the vibrator against her clitoris will help her achieve a clitoral orgasm. At the same time, the vibrator will help you maintain an erection, and restrict the blood flow from your penis to allow you to have a firmer, longer lasting erection.

Benefits of a Vibrating Love Ring

There are many reasons why a cock ring that vibrates is a perfect sex toy for men. Following are some of the benefits you receive when using a cock ring vibrator.

  • Receive a firmer erection. Any cock ring will restrict the flow of blood leaving the penis. This restriction of blood loss is what engorges the cock, giving you a thicker girth.
  • Have a longer lasting erection. Many men report that using a cock ring allows them to stay harder for a longer period of time. Even after achieving orgasm, a vibrating love ring can assist you to maintain an erection to last a little longer, ensuring your partner also achieves her orgasm.
  • Cure for impotence. Many men are not able to achieve an erection, or maintain an erection long enough for pleasurable sex. A cock ring restricting blood flow from the penis, coupled with the vibrator attached to the cock ring, allows many men to achieve an erection and have sex whereas they could not before.
  • Pleasure for your woman. A vibrating cock ring benefits not only you, but your partner. The extra sensation received to her clitoris will help her achieve clitoral orgasms. Experience sex that is fulfilling to both you and your woman when using a love ring vibrator.

Experience the unique sensation provided by vibrating cock rings by purchasing a vibrating cock ring from our adult sex toy store. Thank you for shopping at Sex Toy Vibe!

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