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Magic Wands & Body Massagers

Magic Wand and Body Massagers
Wand vibrators are used not only for sexual stimulation, but make excellent back and body massagers as well. This category includes the Hitachi Magic Wand (pictured left), one of the most popular sex toys of all time. Many magic wand vibrators have various attachments, allowing you to use them in a variety of ways during sex play. Magic wand vibrator toys are great for foreplay, and sexual stimulation by using sex toy attachments.

How do you use magic wand body massagers?

How do you use magic wand body massagersMagic wands make excellent sex toys. There are a variety of ways you can use a magic wand vibrator. We explain the different methods below.

  • Use magic wand body massagers for foreplay. Relaxing your muscles is an excellent method of foreplay. Manual hand massages are beneficial, and so are massages offered by magic wand vibrators.
  • Attachments for magic wand vibrators. Pictured left are a few examples of attachments for the hitachi magic wand vibrator. Wand vibrators are extremely versatile because you can change the type of stimulation you receive by altering the attachments for your vibrating body massager toy. Experiment with different vibrating massager toy attachments to discover the way you most enjoy using your vibrating body massager.
  • Luxurious body massages. Of course, every time you use your body massager does not have to be in a sexual capacity. Everyone enjoys massages. After a long hard day at work, give yourself a foot or leg massage.

Other Magic Wand Benefits

Other Magic Wand BenefitsThere are other features of magic wand vibrators making them excellent adult sex toys.

  • Magic Wands are Cheap to Operate. Most magic wand vibrators (that are also body massagers) have a plug in with a long cord. This makes them cheaper to operate as you do not need to purchase expensive batteries.
  • Magic Wand Massagers are Green and Eco Friendly. Not having to purchase batteries make magic wand vibrators good for the environment — because no battery waste ends up in landfills.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is the Cadillac of body massagers. It is perfect as a relaxing back massager, or as an innocent looking discreet sex toy. Attachments for your Hitachi magic wand can provide exceptional vibrator play time.

Body Massager

Use without attachments for the best clitoral sex toy that has ever been made. If you are looking for power — the Hitachi will deliver. Also, this is a great sex toy for men, if you read the reviews below. There are many men who enjoy this vibrator as much as women do.

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