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The Rabbit Vibrator

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April 16, 2011

Rabbit VibratorsRabbit vibrators are exciting adult sex toys. They are shaped like a dildo and have vibrators capable of stimulating both clitoral and vaginal orgasms. The design of a rabbit vibrator features a dildo with the shaft having a rabbit with bunny ears attachment.

The bunny ears of the attached rabbit stimulate the clitoris while the spinning, rotating and vibrating shaft and head stimulate the vagina. Rabbit vibrators are one of the most popular and loved sex toys in the world. Shop our wide selection of rabbits, thrusting vibrators and pink rabbits, waterproof and silicone and more!

How do you use a rabbit vibrator?

How do you use a rabbit vibratorA rabbit vibrator has the benefit of being able to stimulate multiple erogenous zones simultaneously. As you can see, the “bunny rabbit” ears on the rabbit vibrator align with the clitoris as the shaft is inserted into the vagina. The shaft is capable of producing vaginal orgasms with various methods — some rabbit vibrators have spinning pearls or beads within the shaft. Some have a tip that twists in circles (which is excellent for stimulating the G Spot).

While the dildo shaft stimulates the vagina for a vaginal or g spot orgasm, the bunny attached to the shaft has ears that stimulate the clitoris. When fully inserted, the rabbit ears should hover just over the clit. Place the ears on both sides of the clitoris, adjusting the speed of vibration for the most pleasure.

Best Rabbit Vibrators

Which rabbit vibrator is the best? Below are the most popular, most loved and most used best rabbit vibrators available.

Wall bangers waterproof suction cup vibrator

Above I referenced the ability for rabbits to thrust. This first example is one of the best sex toys available for simulating real sex. It is waterproof and has a suction cup, allowing the dildo base to be attached to any firm, smooth surface. This allows a woman to mount the rabbit in a cowgirl position and ride it, simulating real intercourse.

The wallbangers suction cup rabbit vibrator can be used on the wall for doggie-style positions. Being waterproof, this can be used on the floor of a shower or bath tub.

Purring Thrusting Panther

The thrusting style of vibrators are our best sellers, so our second example is also one of this category. The Purring Thrusting Panther has a miniature panther as the clitoral stimulator. It is made of thermo plastic rubber (TPR) which is nonporous and easy to clean.

Vibratex Rabbit Habit

The Rabbit Habit is one of the more popular rabbit vibrators available today. The Rabbit Habit is made by Vibratex — Vibratex is a quality designer of adult sex toys. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of rabbit vibrators with the name pearl, rabbit, rabbit pearl, etc. within their names — however, the Vibratex Rabbit Habit is one of the very original rabbit vibrators with pearls. Click above for more info on the Rabbit Habit.

The original Rabbit Habit is a Japanese manufactured and is built with quality and to last. Enjoy the Vibratex Rabbit Habbit vibrator by ordering one now.

Deluxe Rampant Rabbit Pink

The Rampant Rabbit is a product of Ann Summers and is wildly popular. Originally being introduced at Ann Summers sex toy parties — the Rampant Rabbit is now available to be ordered online.

There are tens of thousands of women who love the Rampant Rabbit vibrator. With lots of use over time, they occasionally do wear out. If you wish to replace your Rampant Rabbit, you have come to the right place! Sex Toy Vibe is a leader in providing adult sex toys at discount. Our price on the Rampant Rabbit vibrator is very competitive.

Jack Rabbit

This is the rabbit vibrator that started the craze. Approximately 12 years ago (1998), season one, episode nine of the popular HBO show “Sex and the City” came out. On this particular episode, Charlotte became addicted to the Jack Rabbit vibrator, the original rabbit vibrator. This started the craze that spawned thousands of different kinds of rabbit vibrators made by dozens of different manufacturers, but there is still only one Original Jack Rabbit Vibrator. Find out why this is the favorite sex toy of tens of thousands of women and read more information about the Jack Rabbit Vibrator.

Waterproof Jack Rabbit

The Jack Rabbit Vibrator was shown on the popular “Sex and the City” HBO show in the 1st season, ninth episode. In this show, Charlotte became addicted to the rabbit vibrator. Between then and now, thousands women have become addicted to Jack Rabbit. This is the Waterproof version of the Jack Rabbit — enjoy the classic Jack Rabbit Vibrator under water!

The waterproof jack rabbit vibrator has other improvements over the original, it is a wireless rabbit because the control panel is on the base of the dildo.

I Vibe Mini Rabbit Grape

The i Vibe mini rabbit vibrator is a small version of the rabbit vibrator. This mini rabbit has all the functionality of larger rabbit vibrators, but a smaller size. Made of phthalate-free material and pearls in the dildo shaft.

If you enjoy rabbit style vibrators, but feel that you are too tight to comfortably fit one in your vagina, a mini rabbit vibrator may be exactly what you need. Order your i Vibe mini rabbit vibrator from Sex Toy vibe.

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