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Rechargeable Beaded Dolphin Vibrator

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April 7, 2011

Sadly the rechargeable beaded dolphin vibrator has been discontinued. But the good news is we have found an even better replacement in the rechargeable Jack Rabbit. The most popular sext toy in the world now without the need to buy new batteries! This dual stimulation sex toy has a miniature set of rabbit ears attached to the dildo shaft. It is a luxury adult toy, higher priced but with many more features, and a very stable design — this toy will give you many intense play times.

It is rechargeable, making it eco-friendly (no batteries sent to landfills)! Contains all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a premium rabbit vibrator.

If you are looking for a top end luxury sex toy for women, one of the best you can own. Read about all the features of this amazing sex toy below.

  • Rechargeable If you already own a rabbit, you know they run down batteries. Depending on how often you like to have fun with your toy, this can be costly. As you shop for a rabbit vibrator keep this in mind. Other vibrators that run on batteries may seem cheap, but when you factor in the cost over time, it makes it more expensive in the long run. This toy is cheap when factoring batteries purchased over time.
  • Eco Friendly If you enjoy recycling and making a difference in improving the environment, consider the fact that when you use this vibrator, you are not sending dead batteries to landfills.
  • Convenient Because it doesn’t use batteries — imagine how inconvenient it is to run out of batteries before you climax? This toy’s charges last up to 75 minutes, that is plenty long enough to enjoy in between charges. After use simply place back into its base to have it be ready for the next encounter.
  • G Spot In the photo provided, you can see the tip of the dolphin has pleasure nubs and is slightly curved at the tip. This makes it especially capable of exciting the female g spot.

Product Reviews

May 16, 2012
2.0 star review Cheaper and Cheaper every time By: Anonymous
I initially purchased one back in 2008, when the pearls stopped rotating, I got another one. That one, my boyfriend broke but in the same way. The pearls stopped moving. The third one doesn't even charge. The fourth one also has the pearl problem. How ever I can't return it because the site I went to has a 30 day policy and I didn't immediately test it. So I'm screwed. Look I'm not going to say I don't wear my toys out, but if I'm spending the money I expect to have something that won't be so defective.
April 29, 2012
5.0 star review When your man's away, it's ok to play~! By: Anonymous
This is the first rabbit I have owned. Last time I bought a vibrator it was a different creature altogether~! First, you need to initially charge it for almost 24 hours - it's no problem, but I thought it was broken and it was NOT. After that, it's phenomenal and goes and goes without slowing down at all. I was amazed at how life-like it feels to the touch and the way the pearls feel under the "skin" when I touched it with my hand - it feels like a man doing real straining. The whole unit moves, so it's really something to "master" ;-) I had 3 disappointing dates, then the 4th and on - just incredible~! You can use it really with no hands if you like to be on top. I love it so much, I sent a link to my best friend - what are friends for? I'm 48, married 23 years, and my man was away. I think we'll have a lot of fun with "Jack". I bought it on an impulse and I'm so so happy I did~! Best $100 I have ever spent~!
January 28, 2011
5.0 star review Works GREAT. What more do you need? By: Anonymous
Love it. No problems at all. Charges fast. Feels fantastic! This is the first item I ever ordered that's of this nature. It comes discreetly boxed so don't be embarrassed. Nervous about ordering something like this and spending this kind of money? Don't be. You won't be disappointed. I'm 40 and married 14 years, but currently because of our jobs are living hundreds of miles apart. This is great for wives, singles and couples. Also one of the best features of this... NO BATTERIES REQUIRED and always ready to go when charged. I hope that you would consider in buying this QUALITY product.
December 30, 2009
5.0 star review best rabbit toy and it's rechargeable! By:
This is my favorite rabbit designed toy and it's even better now because it's rechargeable. The tip of the shaft rotates while the metal beads spin in place for g-spot stimulation. The rabbit vibrates on the outside at the same time. So, it has three different stimulations at the same time. Plus, the rabbit is controlled separately from the shaft, so you can have them on different speeds, if you like. Better than the real thing!
July 27, 2009
5.0 star review Absolutely perfect! By: Anonymous
I've had this product for a while, and it is the BEST sex toy I have EVER bought--hands down. (in fact, you don't even have to use your Anyway, it is always rechargeable and though the rotating feature has stopped working now (I've had it for about a year or so) It's still VERY pleasurable and I'm gonna buy another!!
March 27, 2007
5.0 star review Review of SE0610-25 By: Anonymous
This is my second jack rabbit... Loved the first one, these rabbits cant be beat... but this cordless, rechargeable... WOW! Always ready to go & so convenient! My guy & I are having a lot of fun with this one. BUY IT!
February 23, 2006
5.0 star review Review of SE0610-25 By:
This is the best toy on the planet! It is so worth the extra price to get away from buying batteries all the time.


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