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Realistic VibratorsThese are realistic dildo vibrators that are made to look and feel like the real thing! These realistic cock dildos have real skin texture and feel, and other seemingly real features such as authentic looking veins, skin color and more.

You can find large and small, beige and black, multi-speed, waterproof, double penetration and other types of realistic vibrator dildos here.

Vibro Realistic
Beige Vibro Realistic - 8 inchLook at the picture and you will see that this is one of the most realistic and detailed dildos you can get your hands on — it really looks and feels like an actual penis! The Vibro Realistic is the Cadillac of dildos.Read more » ($47.83)
Silicone Studs Heart Throb Realistic Dildo Vibrator
Silicone studs heart throb - naturalIt is hard to beat the price on this one, realistic dildo vibrators that are made of silicone usually price far more expensive. The...Read more » ($28.20)
Realistic Feeling Natural 12 Inch Vibrating Cock Dildo
Natural Feel 12 inch Vibrating Cock -NaturalThis vibrating dildo is 12 inches long, making it great for any woman who wants more of the real thing. This realistic monster sized...Read more » ($43.01)
The Great American Challenge Dildo
Vibrating Great American ChallengeThe Great American Challenge is a challenging vibrating dildo, 14.5 inches long and 11...Read more » ($78.54)
Kong Dildo Vibrator
Kong The Realistic - Vibrating FleshThe Kong vibrator has many features that make it perfect for women. Kong is...Read more » ($54.96)
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