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Anal Balloon

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April 9, 2011

This “Butt Balloon” is an inflatable anal sex toy. How large do you want it to go? You decide with this inflating butt plug. Simply squeeze the pump to pump this anal balloon to your desired size.

The Butt Balloon expands to 3 times its original size. This pump up balloon is also a vibrator. Use the vibrator to turn this inflatable butt plug into a vibrating butt plug.

Inflatable Butt Pug

The beauty of inflatable plugs are that you can insert them easily, and slowly expand them — which gently expands your anal muscle walls allowing them to relax for anal sex. That is what the Butt Balloon can do for you.

This is a waterproof anal sex toy that requires AA batteries which are not included.

Reviews of the Butt Balloon

November 10, 2009
4.0 star review "It`s Different But Very Enjoyable" By: Anonymous
Purchased this product and seems to be constructed well other than it does inflate to one side, but other than that it is fun to play with, and they need to change the name because it work awesome in the vagina, I love pumping my G/F pussy up to the max and as a finale for me, I like to have the toy in there at the same time my penis is in her vagina and pump it up, I cum like right now. My G/F and I will make future purchases from
October 9, 2008
3.0 star review Review of NW1062 By: Carlos
When I started on anal I was quite tight and found this toy in one sex-shop and bought it at once. Was my first expander and took me to graduate more satisfying ones. I must say that this one is a must to slowly dilate your ass, today I still cream on it when i feel horny and desire to stretch my anus. Then Im prepared to take my Holmes to the hilt!!!
July 3, 2008
3.0 star review Review of NW1062 By: D
Up front I will say its not for everyone. But it is fun to play with, especially in a mistress/slave setting. The butt plug is your standard plug but as the bulb pump is used the rubber around the butt plug inflates like a ballon. The sensation is not easily described, however very pleasurable. The durablity is ok, the rubber can tear if it snags on anything. For the price its a good buy if you are feeling adventurous.

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