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Large Triple Ripple Butt Plug

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April 25, 2011

This sex toy made by Doc Johnson is a large butt plug. It can be a challenge, even for those who are not beginners to ass play. Great for ass training, this huge plug is made from PVC rubber, is black and has three graduated bulbs along its shaft.

It’s six inches long, and insertable nearly the entire length (5.4 inches). Enjoy the many reviews this product has below — they are certain to let you know whether this is the right xl anal toy for you.

Reviews of the Triple Ripple Butt Plug Large

March 12, 2011
5.0 star review great!!! 11 out of 10 score to me. By: J&T
Even though it says Large it`s a great size for experienced or beginners. Experienced, being me. Works you up with ease. Very smooth, holds lube well and cleans up very easy. Beginner, my wife. has a hard time with 1 and a half fingers, but can take the first bump with ease and can almost take the 2nd of 3. Made anal a lot easier for her to take and she loves this toy.
December 22, 2010
3.0 star review Triple Ripple. Uno application. By: V.T.T
As with many of Doc Johnson`s similar plugs, the Triple Ripple is made of Silagel, which is a rubber blend. It`s a decent, sturdy and very large anal toy that I found really useful for one thing. This is a toy I use for stretching my ass, to put it simply. Due to the design of the plug, it doesn`t stay in well at all, but rather pops right out, unless I am sitting on it, or have my partner holding it in place. However, since it is a larger toy, it does the job of stretching quite well! The Triple Ripple has a slick outer layer, with a softer more flexible core. This gives the whole plug a bit of flexibility and makes the size slightly less daunting. Slightly. This is still not a beginner sized toy as maximum diameter on this toy is 2-3/8". Being rubber, it`s compatible with H20 based and silicone based lubricants, but not oil as it can degrade the material. Also, since it`s rubber it definitely has a smell. This doesn`t bother me at all since I really like the smell of rubber, but those with sensitive noses may be bothered by this. I have found the smell does diminish somewhat over time, just not completely. You can wash it with regular/antibacterial soap and hot water, or use toy wipes/spray for cleaning. A definite plus about this toy is, the price. It`s very affordable, so if you are in need of a larger toy (particularly for `anal training` or warm-up) and don`t want something too spendy, it`s a good pick.
October 28, 2010
5.0 star review GREAT for stretching and exercise By: Kinky Dom 247
I originally bought this product for my wife as a b-day present to help her widen her vagina for fisting. This product is great for that because it tapers to a wider point at the base to allow for stretching but it is also short so it doesn`t bury in her cervix and cause discomfort while sitting with the plug in. This was the first product I found that met my criteria. Not only does this plug work great, but you can`t beat the price either! I have since recommended this product to three other friends as a MUST HAVE in their toy collections.
October 14, 2009
5.0 star review Recommended by TNS himself By: Anonymous
This is the very plug mentioned in TheNastyStallion`s Guide to Maximum Anal Accommodation at It`s a PDF file explaining how to take huge things anally in no time. When I first got into anal I could not even take a single finger in, but following the guide, I was able to get this plug completely in within 30 minutes! I`ve been playing with them ever since. My husband manages to get even bigger things than I can up his butt.... I have no idea how, but the stuff he takes is like 3 times as big and 6 times as long. It`s crazy... but turns me on like crazy. I`ll stick to this Triple Ripple though, as it`s just the right fit. Anything bigger would probably kill me.
January 7, 2009
4.0 star review Review of DJ0247-04 By: Anonymous
plug is nice but smelled like cherries, does anybody else notice the smell?
January 14, 2007
5.0 star review Review of DJ0247-04 By: shae
At first site, thought it was TOO big for me. Be careful, this baby is large, but oh my, what a feeling. I came so hard when my boyfriend finally got it in, I could not stop shaking. If you enjoy large anal plugs, this one is well worth the price. And be prepared.........
August 22, 2005
4.0 star review Review of DJ0247-04 By: Anonymous
Awesome training plug - great for getting ready to party!
May 2, 2005
3.0 star review Review of DJ0247-04 By: Anonymous
Really love this item! Not for some, since its pretty thick at the bottom, but a nice stretch when youre experienced enough. Rounded sections help keep the plug from slipping.
November 14, 2004
4.0 star review Review of DJ0247-04 By: Gary
If your into large things in your anus this is a good product. I use it to prepare for fisting. If your an once in a while fist lover this is for you.
June 5, 2004
3.0 star review Review of DJ0247-04 By: james
This is a great toy but you should understand the size before you buy it. Even for people into extreme anal play this toy can be a challenge. If you arent sure try the medium or small sized version.
September 28, 2003
3.0 star review Review of DJ0247-04 By: Gave me the most intense orgasms!

Gave me the most intense orgasms!

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