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Rabbit Vibrators

Purring Thrusting Panther
Purring Thrusting PantherThe Purring Thrusting Panther is an untamed vibrator of the rabbit variety! One cute thing to note about this stroker vibe is that the miniature “rabbit” attachment to the dildo shaft is actually a panther with its paws extended out, ready to massage your...Read more » ($91.45)
Jennas Ultimate Stroker from Doc Johnson
Jenna`s Ultimate StrokerThis stroker rabbit vibrator is the Ultimate Stroker designed by Jenna. This stroker vibrator has a ribbed shaft and a realistic penis head at...Read more » ($101.97)
Ultimate Stroker Butterfly Deep Thrusting Rabbit
Ultimate StrokerIf you’re looking for a thrusting vibrator, realism is important to you. You want your sex toy to act like a real partner with...Read more » ($57.60)
Vibratex Pixie Plus
Pixie plus sleeve 100% elastomer w/bulletAgain we see a product of Japanese sex toy manufacturing know-how. This innovative rabbit...Read more » ($79.95)
Rabbit Pearl Plus Triple Prong Vibrator
Rabbit pearl plus+ tranlucent - purpleThe Rabbit Pearl is an extremely popular rabbit vibe. The Rabbit Pearl Plus is...Read more » ($61.14)
Wall Bangers Butterfly Thrusting Rabbit
Wall bangers waterproof throbbing butterfly - pinkThis vibe contains unique features you cannot easily find in other rabbits, because it...Read more » ($59.55)
Rechargeable Jack Rabbit Vibrator
Rechargeable jack rabbitThe rechargeable version of the popular jack rabbit vibrator. The rechargeable rabbit vibrator comes...Read more » ($106.13)
Waterproof Rabbit Vibrators
There are many types of rabbit vibrators available today. Many of them give extreme...Read more »
The Many Types of Jack Rabbit Vibrators
Jack RabbitThe Jack Rabbit is one of the most respected models in rabbit vibrators today....Read more » ($36.76)
Upgrade to a Better Rabbit Vibrator
Jack RabbitLooking to buy a vibrator, but not certain which one you should get? This...Read more » ($36.76)
Large Rabbit Vibrators
Passion wave stimulatorThere are many fans of brutal dildos, in fact according to Google there are...Read more » ($83.84)
Five High Quality Triple Rabbit Vibrators
Triple Threat Ladybug Vibrator - BlueTriple Rabbit Vibrators A triple rabbit is a vibrator that has a dildo shaft...Read more » ($58.94)
Triple Threat Lady Bug
Triple Threat Ladybug Vibrator - BlueThe Triple Threat Lady Bug is a rabbit vibrator made to stimulate three erogenous...Read more » ($58.94)
Crystal Flex Waterproof Triple Rabbit
Waterproof crystal flexThe Crystal Flex is a waterproof triple rabbit vibrator, made to stimulate the clitoris,...Read more » ($36.45)
The Rabbit Habit Vibrator
Rabbit habit-cordless - purple made of food grade vinylThe Rabbit Habit is one of the more popular sex toys available today. It...Read more » ($71.10)
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