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Reviewing Five Vibrators that Thrust

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October 10, 2011

Here we review five of the best thrusting vibrators and dildos. Compare by materials, size, price and more. Most find this page looking for a thrusting vibrator. Specifically, a dildo which can extend and retract — providing a sex toy which can simulate the thrusting nature of real sex.

This page specializes in the favorite type of thrusting vibrator (and the best selling sex toy in the world), namely the rabbit vibrator. These are special rabbit vibrators though, they have the ability to thrust — making them the perfect thrusting dildo available today.

These rabbit vibrators go by various names, the type that can thrust are also called stroker vibrators.

What is a Thrusting Vibrator?
These provide the stroking action that occurs during real intercourse.

What are the Best Thrusting Dildos
Some are better than others for various reasons, be it price, quality and other features. Here is a list of the top five thrusting and stroking sex toys that simulate real intercourse.

Wallbangers Butterfly
The wallbangers line of rabbits are popular because they have suction cups, allowing them to be fastened to any firm smooth surface. This allows you to use the wallbanger butterfly thrusting rabbit vibrator hands-free, and gives you the freedom of using your suction cup sex toy in cowgirl, doggie or missionary positions. Also being waterproof and phthalate-free (made of TPR thermo plastic rubber), the wallbangers butterfly is easy to clean up after use.

The Hop’n Rabbit Stroker
The Hop’n Rabbit Stroker is a high quality thrusting sex toy. It also has a spinning head that provides extra pleasure. The head rotates in both directions. Like all good rabbits, this vibrator has an attachment on the shaft that has bunny ears that vibrate and stimulate the clitoris. The Hop’n Rabbit Stroker has multiple patterns and functions of vibration and differing speeds allowing you to customize your vibrator experience.

Jenna’s Ultimate Stroker
Jenna’s Ultimate Stroker is made by Doc Johnson, a quality manufacturer of adult novelty items. When buying from Doc Johnson, you know it has to be good — and the Jennas Ultimate Stroker is great! The thrusting dildo head is realistic shaped, and the shaft performs like every good thrusting vibrator does. The Jenna’s Ultimate Stroker also features a head that rotates clockwise and counter-clockwise. The rabbit extension on the Jenna Ultimate Stroker is shaped like a bee.

Ultimate Stroker Butterfly Deep Thrusting Rabbit
The Ultimate Stroker Butterfly Deep Thrusting Rabbit simulates natural intercourse by thrusting in and out during use. Thrusting vibrators like these have an extension at the end of the shaft which can expand and retract. This Ultimate Stroker Thrusting Rabbit has a natural look and feel. Beige in color, it looks and feels like the real thing. The texture of the shaft is very detailed to be real, including veins, penis head and other realistic features. This thrusting rabbit has glow in the dark controls.

Purring Thrusting Panther
The purring thrusting panther is an advanced thrusting rabbit-style vibrator that, for the rabbit clit-vibrating extension, has a panther with paws extended. The Purring Thrusting Panther is made of TPR rubber, which is extremely easy to clean. Like all the other vibrators featured on this page — the Purring Thrusting Panther is a thrusting rabbit vibrator that simulates real sex by extending and retracting, just as a real penis would during intercourse.

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