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Glass Dildos

Why do women love glass dildos? There are many reasons! Here we review all the best features of dildos made from pyrex and glass.

Easy to Sterilize Even if you play all day, eventually its time to put the toys away. When that time comes, how much of a bummer is it going to be? Well if you are playing with a porous jelly sex toy, there will be a lot of cleaning and it will degrade its quality — eventually it will wear out. There are any number of materials you can make sex toys with, one of the better types is silicone — it is also hypoallergenic. But there are rules with silicone, you cannot place one silicone sex toy next to another or they will bind together. The same with silicone lubricant, it will destroy a silicone sex toy. So much hassle, so many rules — but what about a glass dildo? Very simple, boil it. Or rub it down with vinegar or a bleach solution. Very easy to clean and keep sterilized.

Glass Retains Warmth Most women are not turned on by something cold being placed against their intimate areas. Most sex toys do not start at body temperature. However, glass will retain heat. If you place one in a bowl of warm water before using, the glass dildo will remain as warm as you desire.

Nice and Firm Many women love a good stiff cock. Glass dildos are rigid, and provide a firm stroking that is preferred to a semi-rigid cock which bends or is flexible.

Glass Dildo with Nubs and Bumps
Icicles # 18For those who love glass dildos, this rigid dong has some features many women will appreciate. There are dozens of nubby bumps attached to the dildo shaft which give pleasure as the dildo is thrust in and out.Read more » ($53.28)
Don Wand Blue Glass Dildo
Don Wand Blue/White Real Tip Helix RocketDon Wands are glass dildos made with superior designs, both functionally and aesthetically. There are countless benefits to using a glass dildo, from the...Read more » ($57.75)
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