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Warming & Tingling

Warming Lubricants

Warming lubes are designed to produce the sensation of a warming feeling on your skin, even though the actual temperature of the skin remains the same. Similar to how “hot” peppers are considered spicy hot when eaten, warming lubricants produce a heat sensation when it comes in contact with skin.

Why would you want to use a warming lubricant?

When males and females become aroused, the skin in erogenous zones becomes flushed with circulating blood. This extra circulation in the penis or vagina causes the skin to feel warmer. The blood deep inside the body is warmer, and as it gets distributed to the outer skin — it cools. However, when blood is circulating quickly, a warm sensation is felt in the outer-skin because the blood is flushing so quickly it hasn’t had a chance to cool. Therefore, when you apply warming lubricant to the penis or vagina, it simulates natural arousal and the warming of skin that follows with blood-flushed skin. Some people find it easier to become aroused when they warm their erogenous zone as though they were already sexually aroused.

How does a warming lubricant work?

There are a variety of natural ingredients that can cause a sensation of warming in the skin. This includes a variety of herbal extracts, and some vitamins also create a flushed skin sensation. In some warming lubricants, capsaicin is used — which is the component of chili peppers that gives it the “hot” feeling in your mouth. These safe and natural ingredients, when applied to the penis, vagina or anus, causes the warming sensation that makes warming lubricant “warm”.

Are there disadvantages of using warming lubricants?

Some people just love hot peppers, mmmm! Spicy food makes their mouth water. Some people do not like them. Its hard to say whether you will like warming lubricant until you’ve tried it, obviously some people love it or it wouldn’t be so popular. For others, it may seem like a wildfire just engulfed their private area and they’ll make a bee-line for the shower to rinse off. Whether you enjoy them or not, warming lubes wash off easily and there are no long term bad side-effects.

Tingling Lubricants

Just as with warming lubricants, tingling lubricants use various natural ingredients to produce a tingling effect on the skin surface. The skin becomes stimulated in a way that produces a throbbing tingle.

What does it feel like to use a tingling lubricant?

I haven’t tried them all, but in general sensation is like this. Lay down and lean on your arm for a while, cutting off circulation. After a few minutes your hand will feel all tingley, the tips of your fingers will have a throbbing sensation and it the feeling lasts until finally blood circulates back through your lower arm. This is what it’s like using tingling lubricant. (Personally, I enjoy tingling lubes more than warming).

Are there long-term bad effects from using tingling lubricants?

Again, similar to warming lubes, tingling lubricants aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Tingling lubricants provide additional sensation which can be pleasant for some, irritating to others. The ingredients are safe and there are no long-term ill effects from trying a tingling lubricant to see if it is something you would enjoy. Simply wash the area off with soap and water, and after a few minutes or half hour (depending on how much was applied and how thoroughly you rubbed it in), the tingling and throbbing sensation will subside.

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