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Tantus Silicone Vibrator Sleeve with Suction Cup
Tantus Suction CupHow can you turn your bullet into a hands free sex toy you can ride? That’s easy — with this bullet vibrator sleeve from Tantus. The suction cup allows you to attach the cup to a smooth hard surface, such as a marble wall,...Read more » ($29.33)
Pleasure Rabbit Vibrator Sleeve
Pleasure Sleeve RabbitInsert a firm vibrator into this Pleasure Sleeve Rabbit to receive unique vibration sensations from its bunny ears. Place the ears and rabbit nose...Read more » ($2.60)
Pleasure Elephant Vibrator Sleeve
Pleasure Sleeve ElephantAdd this bullet vibrator sleeve to a bullet or egg vibrator for extra unique sensations. This vibrator will enhance the sensations you receive from...Read more » ($2.60)
Dolphin Vibrator Sleeve
Pleasure Sleeve DolphinA Dolphin Vibrator Sleeve extends the sensations received from your favorite bullet or egg...Read more » ($2.60)
Gerbil Sex Toy
Gerbil Flex StimulatorThe Gerbil Flex Stimulator is a flexible firm vibrator great for internal sexual vibration....Read more » ($20.86)
Venus Butterfly Vibrator
Venus Butterfly - PinkThis is a popular hands-free strap on vibrator that a woman attaches to her...Read more » ($15.53)
Flexo Pleaser Bullet Wand
Flexo-pleaserThe Flexo Pleaser is 14″ in its entire length, and 8″ long from the...Read more » ($14.50)
Turtle Vibrator Sleeve
Pleasure Sleeve TurtleNow you won’t be able to wait for the turtle to stick its head...Read more » ($2.60)
Bear Vibrator Sleeve
Pleasure Sleeve BearThis is the type of stuffed bear you want to take to bed at...Read more » ($2.60)
Sex Toy Dave Rabbit Vibrator
The Hop `n Rabbit Stroker vibratorWomen love the Sex Toy Dave rabbit vibrator for a variety of reasons —...Read more » ($89.03)
Techno Flex Bullet Wand Vibrator
Techno FlexThis bullet vibrator has a head that is approximately two inches long and 1...Read more » ($0.00)
Flex a Pleasure Vibrator Wand
Flex A Pleasure Vibrator - PurpleDoc Johnson is a leader in producing quality sex toys, and this bullet wand...Read more » ($23.52)
Sunny Leone Bullet Wand
Vivid Girl Power Massager RedThis Doc Johnson vibrator bullet wand features the approval of pornstar Sunny Leone. It...Read more » ($22.11)
Massager Bullet Wand Vibrator
Surprise Massager - PurpleThis personal massager bullet wand is also considered a finger vibrator. It attaches to...Read more » ($11.51)
Flex A Pleaser Bullet Wand
Flex A PleaserThis is a powerful bullet wand vibrator with multi-control functions that allow you to...Read more » ($13.71)
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