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Our Top 10 Slutty Halloween Costumes

In: Costumes
September 12, 2012

Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year here at Sex Toy Vibe. And nothing says Halloween like slutty Halloween costumes. Who doesn’t enjoy getting dressed up and turning some heads on this night of fun and debauchery? Here we have selected some of our most popular costumes for you to choose from. Every one of these will have the boys lining up to play trick or treat!

On October 31 all the prudes get a night off and everyone gets to dress however they like. Some costumes are a little bit revealing and playful, but still a tad demure. A slutty halloween costume is one that just barely covers your naughty bits and potenially causes car accidents.

Halloween is all about fantasies. The one time a year we can be anything we want, there are no limits as long as you cover the essentials. If you’re feeling like this year you need to go all out and let it all hang out here are 10 of the sluttiest Halloween costumes that we find to be the most popular every year.

Saloon Lady

Remember the days when the only place women were allowed to act up was the saloon? Neither do we thankfully but this is still a fun costume with a nice olden days meets modern times feel to it.


Who’s been a bad boy then? Sort them out with style wearing this 7 piece sexy SWAT outfit. Baton included incase you need to beat them off with a stick.

Sexy Policewoman

The police themed costumes are so popular we couldn’t choose just one. This set has all the accessories to make sure everyone knows who’s in charge!

Delicious Devil

It just wouldn’t be Halloween without a visit from the devil. If the horns aren’t enough it also comes with a whip if you are feeling particularly devilish.

Naughty Nun

Who’s going to save your soul on this night of terrors? The naughty nun of course! Team up with a friend wearing the delicious devil outfit for a night of holy terror.

Improper Intern

Nurse! We need a nurse over here! A Halloween classic the naughty nurse outfit is always a winner.

Ride ‘Em Cowgirl

Stick em up! Another blast from the past the cow girl lives by her own rules. Make your self a lasso and go teach them darn city folk a lesson.

Night School Girl

The sexy school girl look is never going out of style. It is still our best seller year after year so we have included two of them.

Prep School Girl

And let not forget this one comes with crotchless panties. That’s detention for sure!

Wicked Lil Bumble Bee

So what exactly does a bumble bee have to do with Halloween? Not a lot really but we just think it’s cute. So there.

So that’s our favourite top 10 slutty Halloween costumes to pick from. They are all available in a variety of sizes and made from quality materials. If you want to see more then head on over and browse our store directly.


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