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September 1, 2011

Fun fact: dildos are adult novelty items. What does that mean? A novelty item is for use as a conversational piece, an ice breaker at a party, something to talk about, i.e. you’re not actually supposed to use it. Check out the dildo to the left, it’s called the “Great American Challenge”. It’s actually longer than a 2 liter of soda — in fact it is 15.4 inches long and inserts to a foot deep.

You would think there would be some health risks in using such a thing. Right now I’m thinking severe risk of adult diapers. If someone does suffer health problems from using a dildo, is the manufacturer liable? No. Why? Because its just a novelty, you weren’t supposed to be using it! Of course, women do in fact use this dildo. Read the reviews of the Great American Challenge, there are four women who have given glowing reviews. Read more about how the term “novelty” is applied to sex toys at the National Sexuality Resource Center.

Glass Dildos have some serious advantages over other types of dildos. Though they look great, there are many functional benefits women prefer in this type of dong. The main benefits:

  • temperature retention
  • longevity
  • ease of cleaning
  • smoothness
  • rigidity

There are many reasons why some women prefer glass dildos. Following is an explanation of these several benefits.

They stay warm. Dildos made of pyrex glass will retain their temperature for a very long time. Many people enjoy warming their glass dildos up in a bowl of hot water before their play session. Because this type of dong retains its heat, it makes it a more realistic sensation while using. The warmth gives the dildo a feeling of being a real penis.

They last. When made of glass, a dildo can last a lifetime. Bar abuse, glass will not degrade over time — even when used and cleaned on a daily basis.

They are easy to clean. Glass is non-porous, giving bacteria no place to cling to. It is a simple matter to clean glass dildos by boiling, or using hot water with vinegar, or by using hot water and chlorine.

Being smooth. This one is a personal preference. Some women enjoy the texture of a realistic dildo, while others love how a smooth glass dildo will slide in and out with no friction. Glass ones always have a penis-head at the end which provides the resistance which stimulates. Many are also made with stimulating nubs on the shaft. Glass dildos have a feeling that is unique and distinct from other types of dongs.

Rigidity. This is another matter of preference. Some women like their phallus as stiff as possible. There is no way to duplicate the rigidity and stiffness of a glass dildo, it is a unique feeling and one that many prefer over other dildo types.

Double Dildos, also called lesbian dildos, consist of one shaft with a penis head at either end. The reason they are considered dildos for lesbians is that they can be shared by two lesbians who are embracing and engaging in missionary, doggy style or other sexual positions.

Some are curved, and some are on a long shaft that is bendable. The curved style are great for two girls embracing each other. The straight bendable dongs work good for thrusting and positions like spooning and doggy style.

Sometimes a double dildo can be used on one woman who enjoys double penetration, for both vaginal and anal sex. Typically these types will have a larger shaft for the vagina, and a smaller end made for the anus.

Fun fact: the first recorded dildo is over 28000 years old. Found in the Hohle Fels caves in Germany, the prehistoric dildo was excavated by a team from Tübingen University.

The professor in charge of the excavation, Nicholas Conard, stated that it is common to find female representations from the same era, but finds of male or phallus representations are rare.

This ancient artifact is 20 centimeters long, or almost 8 inches. Carved out of siltstone and then highly polished, over the years it has fragmented into many pieces. It has been restored and has been displayed in the Blaubeuren prehistoric museum. You can learn more about this ancient dildo at the BBC.

realistic dildoMany women are excited not only by the feel of a dildo, but the sight of a realistic penis. For these women, a realistic dildo provides a sense of realism that enables greater sexual fulfillment through both physical and visual stimulation.

Much of sexual excitement is aroused directly from thought. Using a dildo which is realistic makes it easier to fantasize and enjoy intimate time with a sex toy.

There are a variety of realistic dildos which range from average size and small, to large. Finally, there are pornstar inspired realistic dildos which are exact replicas of popular adult actors. These tend to be a little on the large side.

Regardless of which dildo type you choose, you can be assured that if you order from, you will receive your order in discreet packaging with discreet billing.

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