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Strawberry Lubricant

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May 22, 2011

Spice up your love life with flavored lubricants. Enhance your intimacy with Strawberry sex lube. Use personal lubricant to enjoy sex — and use strawberry sex lube to enjoy oral sex. Using flavored lubricant will stimulate your senses and make your intimate times more memorable.

Strawberry is one of the most loved flavors

The strawberry has been around a long time. They were cultivated in Italy at least since 234 BC. American Indians grew wild strawberries since the 1600s. Settlers began cultivating them in the US circa the 1830s. Strawberry has been a popular flavor in the past, and is one of the most popular fruits today.

Strawberry is the #1 Flavor for Edible Lubricants

Compared to the popularity of other flavors of edible lubricant, Strawberry flavored ranks #1 by a wide margin. Nearly half (48%) of all searches for flavored personal lubricant are for Strawberry flavor. Cherry is the second most popular flavor with 32%. These two flavors account for 4/5 of all searches for specific personal lube flavors.

The Best Strawberry Lube

Strawberry is the number one flavor, but what is the number one strawberry sex lube? There are several manufacturers of quality strawberry flavored lubricant. Astroglide Strawberry seems to have the strongest reviews at (the popular product review website). Astroglide strawberry is also searched for more often at google than other popular brands of strawberry. In addition, my own personal experience with Astroglide has shown it to be superior to other strawberry flavored.

Are Strawberry Flavored Lubricants really edible?

I created another Hub specifically covering edible lubricants and whether you can safely swallow lubricant. The short answer is yes — it is perfectly safe to swallow water-based lube that are flavored in an amount that would be expected to swallow during oral sex, after the sex lube has already been applied.

Advantages of Flavored Lubricant

Beyond the tasty-fun aspect of strawberry flavored lubricant, there are other advantages as well. Water-based lubricants are safe for your skin. They are easy to wash and do not stain clothing. These types of lube are less expensive than other lube types like silicone. Water-based lubricants are non-toxic and are safe to consume.

Disadvantages of Water-Based Lubricants

There are disadvantages associated with all water-based lubes (which include all flavored lubricants). As the water evaporates from the mixture, water-based lube tends to get stickier. During longer sexual episodes, you may be required to re-wet the lubricant by adding water, or apply more lubricant. Another disadvantage is that women with continuing problems of yeast infection should not use edible lubricants, as it may feed the yeast causing the infection to worsen.

The Conclusion

Using lube that is flavored like strawberries can make sex more enjoyable. It is a good way to mask the taste or odor of your partner if it “ruins the mood”. If you are new to flavored lubricants and would like to give them a go, try personal lubricant that taste like strawberries. You can’t go wrong with the most popular flavor! And one of the most popular brands is Astroglide strawberry.

Product Reviews

November 11, 2009
5.0 star review Staff Review By: Anonymous
Astroglide Strawberry is a classic lubricant with fruity twist. It's water-based just like the original, and an essential for your toy box arsenal. Add a little flavor in the bedroom with strawberry Astroglide.

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