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Boy Butter 9 Oz Personal Lubricant

In: Lubricants » Oil-Based
April 29, 2011

This type of personal lubricant is oil based, however, boy butter washes off easily and is water-soluble. It is odorless and tasteless. This plastic squeeze bottle contains 9 oz of personal lubricant.

Boy butter churn style squeeze bottle – 9 oz

Oil based boy butter, like all oil based personal lubricants, have the benefit of being extra slippery. However, it is also (like all oil based personal lubricants), not good for latex condoms, as the oil will dissolve the latex. If you will be using condoms, water based or silicone based personal lubricant may be a better choice. However, if you are looking for something super slippery, and you know you will not be using a condom, boy butter is about the best oil-based selection you can make.

Reviews of the Boy butter churn style squeeze bottle - 9 oz

November 24, 2008
4.0 star review Review of BB009 By: Scarlet
Boy Butter has virtually no taste or smell that I could detect whatsoever, but it can leave an oily feeling in your mouth should it end up there which is easily removed by drinking something. It feels pretty much exactly how it sounds: silky and smooth like butter; oily but not at all unpleasant. I found Boy Butter to be excellent especially in any sort of stroking. Unlike other lubes, it lasts a nice long time and doesnÂ?t get sticky, which makes it perfect for long stroking sessions. When using it vaginally I found I needed more than I thought I would in order for it to feel right. Boy Butter creates a thin slick coating of oily lube on whatever you put it on, which wasnÂ?t thick enough to be terribly pleasant alone, but once I got my own juices going I felt that the combination of the two was heavenly. Anally, too, Boy Butter was a bit of a dream. It makes me think of crisco in some respects, though not quite as thick, but similar since they are both oil-based. The best part about using Boy Butter anally is that it lasts for a nice long time, so you donÂ?t have to keep reapplying to keep the slickness the same. The one negative about Boy Butter is that since it is oil-based it will eat up any latex it comes in contact with, which means latex condoms or gloves cannot be used safely with it. I definitely recommend Boy Butter for just about any sexual activity that doesnÂ?t include latex. ItÂ?s odorless and tasteless and lasts for a good long time.

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