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May 22, 2011

Of the many types of personal lubricant available that provide extra stimulation, warming lubricants are the most popular. What are they? Why would anyone want to use a warming personal lube? The answer lies in how our bodies work when we become sexually aroused. When we become sexually stimulated, our heart begins beating faster. Normally, our heart is pumping blood which is warmer in temperature at the center of our bodies, and as this blood is distributed throughout the body — it slowly cools off. When our hearts are racing, circulating blood quickly, the heat that is transferred to the outer skin areas increases. This is because it flows so quickly, it does not have a chance to “cool’ as it normally would at the outer layers of your skin. The increased blood circulation that happens when sexually aroused causes the outer skin to feel warmer because the blood circulates there from the inner body faster.

Why use a warming personal lubricant?

Subconsciously, our mind associates warm-feeling skin that is flushed with blood in our erogenous zones as meaning we are sexually stimulated. The use of warming lubricant simulates this natural body process. For many people, simulating your bodies natural process of becoming sexually aroused is a short-cut to actually becoming sexually aroused.

Why would anyone want to use a warming lubricant? Because using a warming lube causes sexual stimulation by mimicking the body’s natural process of becoming aroused.

How do warming lubricants work?

When we eat a spicy-hot food, such as hot peppers, our mouth and throat receives a heat sensation. This occurs even though the temperature of our mouth and throat doesn’t change. The warming sensation is a chemical reaction that simulates heat. Warming lubes work in the same method. In fact, the active ingredient found in chili peppers which gives it a warming sensation is capsaicin, which also happens to be the active ingredient in many warming personal lubricants.

There are a variety of natural herbs, spices and even vitamins which simulate a heat sensation in skin. They work by causing a warming sensation, using natural ingredients, that simulate sexual arousal when applied to erogenous zones. One excellent brand for personal lube is System Jo. For a smaller sized bottle of system jo warming lubricant, click here.

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