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How do you use a fleshlight?

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April 9, 2011

Fleshlight Guide

You are considering getting your hands on this premium men’s sex toy? Perhaps you have heard it is the number one selling men’s sex toy in the world? Over two million fleshlights have been sold, and that many men can’t be wrong — but still you have some questions. This guide endeavors to answer all the questions you may have about the fleshlight.

How durable is a fleshlight?

One concern many have when buying a sex toy is, “How long will this last?” That question is definitely needing to be answered for the fleshlight, because this particular sex toy is going to take some heavy use. There are, of course, some issues of maintenance, but for the most part — your fleshlight will last a lifetime. So to answer the question of “How long will a fleshlight last?” — The answer is a very long time.

Fleshlight Original-Lady

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What is the fleshlight made of?

The goal of a fleshlight is to accurately simulate a total male penetration experience into your orifice of choice, be it a vagina, anus or mouth (there are molds representing all three). Real skin is stretchy, pliable, soft — and in many other ways exhibits many characteristics. There are many materials used to make sex toys nowadays, from silicone, latex and plastic. Answering the question, what is the fleshlight made of? Like Classic Coke — the answer is “it’s secret!” Boasted as a selling point, the Fleshlight Company maintains patents on the exact materials used to make a fleshlight. However — you can be certain that it does not contain certain bad materials, read further.

Does the fleshlight contain phthalates?

Phthalates are made from various salts or esters of phthalic acid. They are used to make plastic feel super stretchy and soft, but unfortunately they have been linked to cancer. Many folks then are extremely concerned about phthalates existing in their sex toys (because many sex toys used to be made with phthalates) are defined as “any of various salts or esters of phthalic acid used especially as plasticizers and in solvents.” The fleshlight does not contain phthalates.

How do you use a fleshlight?

First, you want to warm the fleshlight up. Before continuing, lets state what you should not do.

  • Do NOT microwave the fleshlight interior
  • Do NOT boil the fleshlight

So we want to get it warm, but not that warm. Take the fleshlight insert out of the flashlight-looking container and soak it in warm water. The goal is to get the insert feeling the same temperature as a woman’s natural vagina would feel. You may also wish to soak the personal lubricant you will use inside the warm water, so that both are warm when ready to use. After it is the correct temperature, shake the remaining water off the fleshlight and insert it back into its casing. At this point, the fleshlight is ready to use — I’m certain you need no more instruction on what to do with it after it has been prepared!

How do you clean a fleshlight?

The way to clean a fleshlight is to simply wash it with warm water and then let it dry quickly in a well ventilated area, such as near a breezy window or in front of a fan. The key is to not store it while it is still wet, because this will invite mildew. After it has thoroughly dried, you can store it away. Here are key things you do not want to do when cleaning your fleshlight.

  • Do NOT use soap when cleaning. Only warm water.
  • DO NOT store the fleshlight away when it is still wet.

If you feel as though warm water is not enough and you really want to sterilize it as best as possible, or if it has been soiled, or if it has been stored when wet and has developed mildew — you can use isopropyl alcohol.

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Can the fleshlight be used in the bath tub or shower?

Yes! The fleshlight is waterproof and perfectly suited to being used under water, in the shower or bath, hot tub and every other instance of wanting to use it under water.

Can condoms be used with a fleshlight?

Yes — although it is not necessary. If you do not use a condom it will not harm a fleshlight or yourself. Fleshlights should not be shared — though if you insist on doing so, a condom would be beneficial.

Is a fleshlight supposed to be sticky after cleaned?

It is normal for a fleshlight to feel slightly sticky and tacky after properly cleaned. It can be stored in this state. As long as you prepare it properly by soaking in warm water before its next use, there is no reason you cannot store the fleshlight when the surface is slightly tacky. However, if this bothers you, then use some corn starch as a powder on the fleshlight surface and it will make the surface smooth and non-tacky. If stickyness particularly bothers (though it should not be sticky after prepared), avoid the Ice clear fleshlights.

Can you Cum Inside a Fleshlight?

Many Fleshlight videos showing a man using a Fleshlight will portray the man pulling out at the end and shooting cum. This leads many people to wonder whether or not you can actually cum inside the Fleshlight. The answer is yes, you certainly can, and furthermore the Fleshlight is easy to clean with warm water after shooting your load inside.

Why buy a fleshlight?

There are a number of sex toys for men available today, so why buy a Fleshlight? Check out the previous link for the top 10 reasons to buy a Fleshlight. Also, consider buying the Original Pink Lady Fleshlight — the number one selling male sex toy in the world.

How do you make a Fleshlight?

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow tons of people started finding this page to learn how to make their own homemade Fleshlight. Following is your step by step guide to building your own DIY Fleshlight.
Go buy a Fleshlight here.
While you’re waiting for your new Fleshlight to arrive in the mail, Grab a latex rubber glove and a towel and use this method to make your own Fleshlight.**
Or get a condom, foam rubber, Pringles can, scissors and use this method for a DIY Fleshlight.**
** We aren’t responsible for what may happen to you with either method, I have no idea whether these methods are safe. I guarantee neither method will last you a lifetime — they probably won’t last until you get your new Fleshlight in the mail, and I’m certain you’ll have an extreme appreciation for how a real Fleshlight feels when compared to either of the above methods. This comes from the same website that shows you how to scoop out a hole in a watermelon to have sex with it, so take it with a grain of salt, it is provided for comic relief reasons only. Just buy a real Fleshlight that will last a lifetime. Compare the real Fleshlight vs the Fake Fleshlight, is there any comparison?

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