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Original Pink Lady Fleshlight

In: Male Sex Toys » Fleshlights
April 9, 2011

The Fleshlight is truly an amazing male sex toy. It has sold over 2 million, making it the most popular male sex toy in the world. The Fleshlight is made with a patented material that feels like a real vagina. The Fleshlight is a fake vagina sex toy.

Fleshlight Original-Lady

We have the best price on the Fleshlight, and just as important — we ship discreetly. When your package arrives, it will not say “Fleshlight” in the return address. When you look at your billing statement, you will not see “Fleshlight” as a line item that you may need to explain to someone. When you buy the Fleshlight from Sex Toy Vibe, your purchase is as discreet as possible.

What is the Fleshlight made of? While the exact formula of the flesh light material is a trade secret, we can tell you what this life-like material is not. It does not contain phthalates, an ingredient believed to cause cancer. It is not made from silicone, so using silicone based lubricant on the Fleshlight is possible. It is not constructed of latex, and is hypoallergenic, so you do not need worry about skin irritation or allergic reactions.

Try the Fleshlight Pink Lady, the original Fleshlight, from Sex Toy Vibe today and receive exceptional customer service. Order by clicking buy-now, or use our Toll Free 800 number listed in the footer of our webpage.

Product Reviews

May 20, 2012
5.0 star review Best out there By:
This is an amazing product. With so many options and customization you will definatly find one for you or one of each
December 8, 2011
3.0 star review Nightmare to clean By: Anonymous
This thing feels great and everything, no doubt. The two main cons I need to point out are: 1. This is a complete, total nightmare to clean - the toy must be removed from the case and laid out to dry, which means you will have this sitting out for everybody to see until dry. I ended up throwing mine away because it became moldy. 2. Too expensive. I assume this costs maybe $5 to manufacture. Selling this for around $70 is absurd.
November 17, 2011
5.0 star review ABSOLUTELY IT FEELS REAL By: Anonymous
Just Buy it and try it :-) U Gonna love it like you never though. HIGHLY Recommanded and all my friends want it so i resold it and brought others with massive discount, make it happene and let everyone around you enjoy it Cheers
November 14, 2011
5.0 star review Ladies, Get Your Fellas One! By: Anonymous
As a woman, I can't imagine how the Fleshlight feels in use, but with my fingers I can feel that it really is close to actual skin, and with the adjustments that can be made with the cap, I can see why my guyfriend enjoys it so much. It's easy to start up, so to speak, just warm it and slightly lube it and it feels just like a woman. I like to use it on my guy in lieu of masterbation. It is a much better sensation for him, and he seems to love it. Since it is a sex toy, I can appreciate how easy it is to clean at the end, and because he is more timid than I, he can appreciate how descreet it looks, and most people wouldn't know what it is if they come across it. It's a fun solo toy for the fellas, but is also a lot of fun to use on a man.
November 12, 2011
4.0 star review Pretty good life-like feel. By: Anonymous
Very life-like feel to it but could come in different sizes, I'm not huge, about 5" and slim shaft so it didn't seem to have much suction.
November 12, 2011
5.0 star review Love this! Feels so f'n real, BEST male sex toy EVER!!! By: Anonymous
This, + porn, + playing with my fave phone sex operator = HEAVEN!
October 16, 2011
5.0 star review Best for first timers!! By: Anonymous
This was my very first sex toy and it still is the BEST!!!! The pink lady fleshlight comforts your dick. The best thing about this is the easy level of use! I say it's better than the real thing!!!
September 19, 2011
5.0 star review great product By: Anonymous
What can I say this is the first masturbater that ive ever bought. It feels awesome just like the real thing my girl friend used it on me as we 69 only three way ive ever had and it was great everyone should have one of these.
May 17, 2011
5.0 star review A MUST HAVE!!!!!!!! By:
This is a MUST HAVE for any man on the planet looking for a little something to spice up a good solo session!! The first time i used mine, it was like my first time all over again. Ive never had a toy feel so realistic in all of my life! Its VERY easy to clean. If you put it between your mattress or coach cushions it can be used hands free and its AWESOME!! GO GET ONE TODAY
April 12, 2011
5.0 star review Superskin aka Super-realistic!! By: Anonymous
(Note: We purchased the Fleshlight lady series: Lupe Fuentes 'mini Lotus') As a man, I found it difficult to spend money on sex toys because I felt that every 'life-like' masturbator could never compare to the real thing, and that they were all a waste of money. My girlfriend on the other hand, was convinced that I just hadn't found the right one, and purchased one for me for my birthday. And suffice to say, she was right! This product, should be on everyone's wish list!! How it works: To begin, you'll want to take out the sleeve and soak it in warm water for a few minutes. This is an important aspect of the realistic feel as the Superskin material retains the warmth of the water when you use it. You will also want to use a lot of water-based lube to re-create the realistic feel of sliding in and out (also, this prevents any chaffing). Other than those simple steps, using it is pretty self-explanatory! Superskin: The material is very realistic and very durable. Phthalate free, and easy to clean (Warm water and mild soap is all you'll need). Size: Although shaped like a flashlight, it is much larger than your average flashlight. The inside has plenty of room to accommodate all sizes of length and girth without feeling loose. There is also a cap at the end of the masturbator which can be tightened(less air inside=tighter feel) or loosened(more air inside=faster and more slippery feel) Mini Lotus: Fleshlight comes in many different textures, the Lotus has 4 'pleasure chambers' to increase sensitivity (the mini aspect just means its the tighter version). I would suggest to anyone purchasing a fleshlight, no matter what type to go for the tighter version ;) I would also suggest to everyone to try out a textured version as it creates that extra bit of sensation.
March 18, 2011
5.0 star review Looks and feels like my lady's pussy! By: Anonymous
It has always been arousing to my lady to masturbate me (Usually while I do her). The original Fleshlight, with case, provides her with extra erotic stimulation to be able to jerk me off with this deliciously diabolical devise. For me the Flesh light looks like my lady's pussy and with some K-y in it it feels like hers as well! She's not sure if she could EAT another girl, but she can go down on the Fleshlight, licking and sucking my cum out of it. That's a nice threesome for us before intercourse. Try it ... you (and she) will like it!!!!!!)
March 18, 2011
5.0 star review FEELS REAL By: Anonymous
The fleshlight feels real because it really cradles your cock, and the material they use feels just like the inside of a real vagina. It's easy to clean and you can't argue against the low-key design just in case someone comes across it. I love my fleshlight, would suggest it to anyone looking for a quality sleeve.
March 10, 2011
5.0 star review Good choice By: Anonymous
I've used many different masturbators and the Fleshlight is by far the best . It can take the abuse without ripping like the other models on the market. I'll ride my favorite dildo while using it watching my wife have sex and my orgasms are so intense. Highly recommended
January 26, 2011
5.0 star review Feels like the real thing By: Anonymous
Most sleeves don't have the girth behind them to make them feel like the real thing. The fleshlight feels real because it really cradles your cock, and the material they use feels just like the inside of a real vagina. It's easy to clean and you can't argue against the low-key design just in case someone comes across it. I love my fleshlight, would suggest it to anyone looking for a quality sleeve.
May 16, 2010
5.0 star review Well worth the price By: Anonymous
After seeing the youtube video of the review for the fleshlight line, I opted to purchase just the basic model pink lady. This performed just like the claim. I had gotten a cheap sleeve type, which does not even come close to the feel of the pink lady. As a once married man, it feels very close to the real thing. Now I will try some of the porn lady line.....

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