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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Best Male Sex Toy Fleshlight

In: Male Sex Toys » Fleshlights
April 9, 2011

Buy Fleshlight

Perhaps you are interested in buying a male sex toy — but why buy a Fleshlight? Fleshlights are masturbator sex toys. They are the most realistic fake vagina available to men today. They are considered a discreet sex toy because they are made inside a container that has an appearance of a flashlight. There are countless benefits to owning a Fleshlight, they are durable, easy to clean, easy to use, Fleshlights are the best men’s masturbator — the list goes on and on. Following are the top 10 reasons why you should buy a Fleshlight.

#1 – Fleshlights are the Best Male Sex Toy in the World

three million fleshlights soldOver three million Fleshlights have sold. Consider that for a minute — according to the 2010 census, there are approximately 309 million individuals in the US, roughly 100 million adult males. 3 million Fleshlights having been sold is enough for one out of every 33 adult men. Can you imagine you enter a crowded bus — chances are at least one person on board owns a Fleshlight. When you walk through your local mall — its feasible one out of every 33 men you see actually owns a Fleshlight. Fleshlights are discreet male sex toys, many men will not talk about the fact that they own one, but they do! The question is — what do these men know that you haven’t been made aware of yet? The answer is that the Fleshlight is a high quality sex toy that is extremely popular for a reason — it is simply the most realistic fake vagina toy that has ever been made. The number one reason why you should buy a Fleshlight is that you need to find out what millions of other men already know — the Fleshlight is the best male sex toy available.

#2 – Fleshlights Help Control Premature Ejaculation

premature ejaculationWhat is premature ejaculation? It simply means that you reach a climax faster than you, or your partner, would like you to. There is no specific time limit where the duration of sex ends too quickly, it all boils down to how long you want to last, or how long your partner wants you to last. Most men know what premature ejaculation is, but how do you control it? Control premature ejaculation with a Fleshlight! The primary cause of premature ejaculation is that real intercourse is just so fantastic, and feels so great, that a climax after a short duration of time is inevitable. If that is the reason many men experience premature ejaculation, the solution is to practice lasting longer. One of the great things about the Fleshlight is that it is an extremely realistic fake vagina sex toy — it is about as close to the real thing that any man has ever experienced. This offers an excellent opportunity for training — the more often you have highly satisfying sex that is similar to real sex in a real vagina, the more you will be able to control yourself when the time for real intercourse presents itself. Many men claim that their longevity during intercourse is lengthened after practicing intercourse with a Fleshlight. Practicing sex with a Fleshlight will help you attain the ability to enjoy sex for a duration that is satisfactory to you and your partner. The second reason to consider buying a Fleshlight is that it will help you last longer in sex and cure premature ejaculation.

#3 – Next Best Thing to the Real Thing

Realistic Fake Vagina ToyWhat man wouldn’t want the next best thing to the real thing available on demand, whenever, wherever he wants? As great as real sex is — at times it can be inconvenient. For a number of different reasons, sex with a real woman is not always feasible as often as most men would like to have sex. During times like this, most men resort to manual masturbation with their hand. Those who own and enjoy their own Fleshlight claim that there is no comparison between a Fleshlight and using a hand to perform masturbation. For most men, this is a daily routine. Why not make the most of it, enjoy it to the fullest extent possible with a realistic vagina toy? The Fleshlight is pliable and reacts much like real flesh, it stretches and feels like real skin. The third reason to buy a Fleshlight is that it gives you sex on demand, never says “no” and is available whenever, wherever you want to enjoy sex with a realistic vagina sex toy.

#4 – Option for Between Relationships

At any given moment, millions of men are between relationships and do not have a current girl to enjoy sex with. If you find yourself in this scenario, don’t deny yourself the opportunity to engage in realistic sex. Treat yourself to the best man’s sex toy available. Consider this — if you are “taken care of”, when it comes to finding your next girl, you won’t come off as being desperate, right? You won’t seem as though you are “only out for one thing”, because as far as you are concerned you have that “one thing” — a perfectly good Fleshlight. Owning a Fleshlight puts you in control, control of how often you enjoy realistic sex, and control of your relationships with meeting new women so you do not appear too aggressive to get in bed. The fourth reason to buy a Fleshlight is that it gives you fantastic realistic sex, even during periods in-between relationships.

#5 – A Fleshlight is an Option for Periods and Pregnancy

Every man involved with a woman has found that sex is not always available on-demand. There are the obvious times of unavailability, such as during menstruation. Many women do not like to be touched during pregnancy. Then there are other times when your woman isn’t available for you, including moodiness, arguments and being sent to the “dog house”. Just because your woman isn’t always available does not mean that you have to “go without”. Its times like these when a Fleshlight comes in extremely handy. If your woman is understanding, get her to hold the Fleshlight between her legs and enjoy sex with her during times when she feels she can’t have sex, such as during her period or while pregnant (by the way — if you have a woman who does not like sex during pregnancy, google it and show her it is perfectly normal to have sex even up through the delivery).

#6 – Option for Elderly and Disabled

Unfortunately, the elderly and those who are disabled don’t always have adequate access to sex (and a great deal of other men are in the same boat). Elderly men sometimes do not feel like going through the hassle of reestablishing a new relationship after their loved one has passed away, or a number of other issues that can affect their availability to a woman. Disabled men who have issues landing a sexy woman because of their disability can take heart in the fact that a Fleshlight is always ready and available. The Fleshlight is an excellent opportunity to experience sex that feels real for elderly and disabled men who want access to realistic sex.

#7 – Fleshlights Put You in Control

Who doesn’t like to be in control? The Fleshlight is always available and ready to go. A Fleshlight will never say “no”, or be moody, or have a headache, or put you through any number of excuses of why sex isn’t possible when you want it. You don’t have to accept excuses any more, there is no reason you cannot experience fantastic sex that feels like the real thing whenever you want it — with your own Fleshlight. That’s what many men do right now, with their hand — but why not treat yourself to a luxury sex experience every time you want it with a fake vagina toy that feels extremely real? If you are going to masturbate anyways, give yourself the best feeling masturbator sex toy in the world.

#8 – Huge Variety

Do you enjoy vaginal sex? Order a Fleshlight that looks and feels like a real vagina. How about anal sex? There are realistic butt sex Fleshlights available too. For those who prefer oral sex, there are Fleshlights that resemble a mouth. Are you terrified that someone might find your Fleshlight, open it up and discover you have been doing the naughty with a fake vagina? There is a Fleshlight that has a discreet opening, even upon examination it does not appear to be a male sex toy. There are different skin tones to fantasize about sex with a partner that is as dark or light as you prefer. Are you a porn addict? There are ten different popular pornstars who are “Fleshlight Girls”, they have had an exact replica of their vagina done and molded to their own Fleshlight. Enjoy watching these pornstars and rocking it to an exact replica of their vaginas!
Fleshlight Girls

#9 – Lifetime of Pleasure

If you take proper precautions to clean your Fleshlight properly, a Fleshlight will last a lifetime. That is a lifetime of realistic sex pleasure wrapped up in one small package! Think about it, if you want to impress your lover and make having sex more of a “sure thing”, you will have to regularly take them out for dinner, restaurants, movies and other investments that will end up costing you more than a Fleshlight on a weekly basis! The cost of a Fleshlight is extremely small in comparison, it is an excellent lifetime investment. The 9th reason why you should buy a Fleshlight is that you will receive years and years of pleasure from such a small investment.

#10 – Cheap Fleshlights Discounts and Coupons

Here you can get the cheapest deals on Fleshlight toys available anywhere. Click the promotional piece at the top of the page or this link for the best deal on the best male sex toy.

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