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thrusting vibrator
Orgasmic Double Dipper
Orgasmic Double Dipper RedThe Orgasmic Double Dipper is a dual vibrator. This vibe stimulates both the vagina and anus simultaneously. The jelly dildo head spins providing vaginal stimulation. The anal attachment vibrates providing anal excitement. This makes this dildo a dual vibrator, capable of stimulating multiple erogenous...Read more » ($37.14)
Glow In The Dark Vibrator
Glow in the Dark KitThis cool glow in the dark kit contains a firm plastic vibrator along with two soft jelly sleeves. One of the glow in the...Read more » ($16.39)
Baby Bug Vibrator
Baby Bug - WatermelonBaby Bug Mini pink vibrator is waterproof and made of silicone, so it is simple to clean. Being silicone means you can nearly 100%...Read more » ($63.90)
Frisky Fingers Bulk Vibrators
Frisky Fingers Silicone Sleeve DisplayThis item is a bulk (12 piece) order of Frisky Fingers, the silicone finger...Read more » ($90.99)
Elephant Finger Vibrator
Nympho Blue Ultra FingerThis Elephant shaped finger vibrator, called the Nympho, is a vibrator made to be...Read more » ($12.69)
Tantus G Spot Pearl
In: G Spot
G-Spot Pearl WhiteThe G Spot Pearl vibrator from Tantus is a silicone sex toy. This vibrator...Read more » ($61.09)
Gigolo Vibrator
In: G Spot
Gigolo 2 VanillaThis “Generation II” vibrator from Fun Factory is a high quality luxury g spot...Read more » ($52.80)
Nexus iStim
Nexus istim electro tens machine kitTENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. TENS units are often recommended by the...Read more » ($169.69)
Nexus Vibro
Nexus VibroThe Nexus Vibro is a 4 1/2 inch vibrator that has a multitude of...Read more » ($165.11)
Happy Birthday Vibrator
Happy Birthday MassagerWhat a better way to say “Happy Birthday” than with the gift of an...Read more » ($7.41)
Candy Cane Vibrator
Reflections candy cane glass vibratorThis holiday novelty candy cane vibrator is a discreet adult sex toy. Hide in...Read more » ($29.39)
Candy Cane G Spot Vibrator
SantaS Lil Helper  Spot VibeHere is a great stocking stuffer for this coming Christmas — the Santa’s Lil...Read more » ($0.00)
Funny Vibrator Emergency First Aid Kit
Emergency First Aid KitThis humorous first aid kit contains a standard firm plastic vibrator enclosed in a...Read more » ($8.38)
Symphony Dolphin Vibrator
Evolved Novelties - Symphony Dolphin- PinkThe Symphony Dolphin is a dolphin vibrator that is rabbit style, meaning it is...Read more » ($38.41)
Large Rubber Gag Ball
Lrg Gag Ball - D Ring Red Strap/blk BallWhat is the purpose of gagging the mouth in BDSM bondage play? During this...Read more » ($45.28)
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