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thrusting vibrator
Discreet Necklace Vibrator
Pirates Gold Pendant VibeThe best place to hide a sex toy is right under everyone’s nose! Enjoy a fashionable style by wearing this beautiful gold necklace. It doubles as a discreet vibrator. It has five different intensities and functions, all powered by one button.Read more » ($16.83)
Discreet Hairbrush Vibrator
Hairbrush plus w/velvet carrying bagThis hairbrush has a vibrator hidden in the handle. When you want to enjoy your intimate play sessions, but do not want anyone to...Read more » ($41.93)
Discreet Lipstick Vibrator
Lipstick Vibe Metallic PinkThis lipstick brings a glow to your face differently than most makeup! It appears to be lipstick, yet in fact it is a sex...Read more » ($8.58)
Asylum Metal and Nylon Open Mouth Gag
Asylum Patient Mouth Restraint W Metal BitThis open mouth restraint has a more extreme slant than the other featured open...Read more » ($11.55)
Interchangeable Open Mouth Gag
Bound by diamonds open ring gagRestrain your submissive’s mouth open — to the exact opening desired! The Bound by...Read more » ($13.09)
Boy Butter 9 Oz Personal Lubricant
Boy butter churn style squeeze bottle - 9 ozThis type of personal lubricant is oil based, however, boy butter washes off easily...Read more » ($18.94)
Pjur Personal Glide for Men Silicone Lubricant
Pjur Man Basic Personalglide 250MlThis is Pjur Basic Personal Glide, it is made of silicone and excellent for...Read more » ($24.20)
System Jo 2.5 Oz Warming Lubricant
Jo 2.5 Oz Warming Personal Lube WomenSystem Jo warming sex lube is a water-based lube. It has a similar feel...Read more » ($9.02)
Astroglide 2.5 Oz Bottle Strawberry Lubricant
Astroglide Strawberry LubricantThe most popular type of flavored lube is strawberry. The most popular strawberry brand...Read more » ($9.77)
BDSM Rattan Cane with Suede Handle
In: Canes
Rattan Cane w Suede HandleRattan is a material which is similar to bamboo, except that it is stronger...Read more » ($22.19)
Leather 20 Inch BDSM Whip
In: Whips
Leather 20 inch WhipThis whip is made from genuine real leather. It is black, and the length...Read more » ($0.00)
Ten Inch BDSM Slapper
10in SlapperThe leather stripes of this bdsm slapper are ten inches long. They are made...Read more » ($12.34)
Bondage Crop
In: Crops
Ruff doggie fluffy heart crop - redSometimes love can be tough. Use this crop with a cute pink heart on...Read more » ($21.14)
Feather Tickler 26 inch Crop
Crop Feather Tickler 26 in RedUse this red feather tickler to tease, tantalize and tickle torture your submissive. It...Read more » ($19.54)
Ball Chain BDSM Flogger
Ball Chain FloggerStrike fear into the heart of your submissive! This tool will certainly open their...Read more » ($44.95)
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