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Privacy Policy

June 7, 2011

You are currently on This is our sex toy blog, and at this exact domain we do not collect any information from you.

If you browse through to our store, or click “add to cart”, it will take you to our domain. At that domain, we do collect personal information. Following is how we treat your personal data.

Our orders are processed through CNV, Inc. We have been delivering sex toys online since 1995, and are the largest distributor of adult products on the internet.

When we receive personal information from you, whether submitted through the internet, by phone, through mail, or by fax — it is entered into our databases via secure systems. Our secure systems are monitored by an organization called “Trust Keeper”. The Trust Keeper organization is a security monitoring company which is approved by Mastercard and Visa for assuring them that data is being handled securely.

As you submit your order, you may be asked if you mind being contacted with info about our other products and services. If you do not check this box, you will not be contacted for anything except regarding the specific order you place with us. However, if you check “yes”, you may receive promotional emails from us on occasion. You may opt out of these emails at a later time. We will not sell contact information to third parties.

During the process of fulfilling your order, we may be required to give your personal information to third parties to facilitate a delivery, such as the US Mail or UPS. These delivery companies are also required to protect your information and privacy.

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