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American Whopper Dildo 5 1/2 Insertable
American Whopper 6.5inIts not too small, not too big, but it’s just right! This is our best selling dildo, so many women have chosen the All-American Whopper Dildo that perhaps you should give it a try? PS, it has over 52 reviews — so you can...Read more » ($14.83)
Mini G Rock Rocker Vibrator Pink
Mini g rock - pinkThe Mini G Rock Rocker is hot pink. It looks great, but more importantly it works great! It is ergonomically contoured, and has an extremely quiet and discreet vibration. Like all rockers, once you insert it and then sit on the bed or a...Read more » ($20.79)
Rock Chick Vibrator
Rock-chick original packaging - pinkStimulate both the clitoris and the g spot simultaneously with the Rock Chick. This sex toy has an excellent design, and excellent reviews. This model has many things going for it, it is discreet, dual stimulating and more.Read more » ($54.85)
7th Heaven Platinum G Spot
7th heaven g-spot - clearThis luxury rabbit has more than a hundred combinations of vibration and pulsation escalation functions. It has a curved-tip G-Spot Stimulator. This allows for the stimulation of an area of the inner vagina approximately three inches in and aligned to the outer wall of...Read more » ($50.16)
Silicone Diver Dolphin Vibrator
Silicone Diver Vibrator - G-contouredThis g spot vibrator has a cute dolphin-like tip, the nose stimulating that part of a woman’s erogenous zone to produce a climax distinct from clitoral or vaginal. Made of soft silicone and has many speeds of vibration. The Silicone Diver is classified as...Read more » ($70.44)
Couture Nouveau Vibrator
Couture NouveauAs you can tell from the picture, the Nouveau is is an elegant, high end, gorgeous premium g spot rabbit vibrator. Enjoy the Couture Collection Nouveau vibrator — representing innovation, luxury, power and passion.Read more » ($105.80)
Couture Abstract Vibrator
Couture AbstractThe Couture Collection Abstract g spot vibrator is a high end, quality and extremely well made vibrator. If you want luxury g spot vibrator that is made of medical grade silicone, has 21 speeds of vibration and pattern variations and is waterproof — this...Read more » ($105.80)
G Spot Butterfly Flutter Mari Possa
The G Spot Flutter butterfly vibrator featuring Mari Possa boasts g spot pleasuring ability and twenty five multi-speed methods of vibration. Manufactured by Seymore Butts Toyz. Seymore Butts Toys presents a vibrator featuring this famous porn star. This is a unique sex toy featuring...Read more » ($)
Wild G Rabbit Vibrator
Wild g purpleThe Wild G is a waterproof rabbit g spot vibrator. It has a curved-end for stimulating the female g spot. Different dildo and rabbit vibrator controls. The Wild G is a g spot vibrator. This waterproof vibrator is made of silicone. Here are a...Read more » ($56.03)
Pearl Panther Vibrator
Pearl panther g-spotThe Pearl Panther has a miniature panther attached to the dildo shaft. The panther has his paws positioned ready to stimulate your clitoris. The Pearl Panther vibrator is curved at the tip of the dildo shaft to stimulate the g spot. Following is a...Read more » ($38.70)
Tantus G Spot Pearl
In: G Spot
G-Spot Pearl WhiteThe G Spot Pearl vibrator from Tantus is a silicone sex toy. This vibrator is incredibly durable — it is silicone and you can sanitize it in a number of ways.Read more » ($61.09)
XTreme Pack G Spot Bullet
Xtreme Pack G-Spot BulletThe XTreme Pack has a curved bullet tip and an extreme control panel that has 5 exhilarating speeds and seven functions of escalating pulsation. Bullet vibrators that stimulate the g spot are fantastic sex toys for women that produce a unique orgasm distinguished from...Read more » ($32.52)
Niagra Vibrator Twilight
In: G Spot
G-Spot Pearl WhiteLots of ladies are looking for a vibrator that is sparkly and vampire-like — perhaps they have a crush on Robert Pattinson. We used to have a vibrator that met their every desire, the Niagra Vibrator Twilight from Tantus Inc. Although of course it...Read more » ($61.09)
Vibratex Pixie Plus
Pixie plus sleeve 100% elastomer w/bulletAgain we see a product of Japanese sex toy manufacturing know-how. This innovative rabbit is unique in that the clitoral stimulator is not attached to the dildo shaft, except with a long, rolled cord. This allows for interesting scenarios of stimulating either the clitoris,...Read more » ($79.95)
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