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BDSM Pink Leather Blindfold
Pink Bound Leather BlindfoldConcerned your slave will be able to see through their blindfold? Get one made from leather and there will be no way to see through! This stylish bdsm gear is made from genuine leather and is pink.Read more » ($19.54)
Leather 20 Inch BDSM Whip
In: Whips
Leather 20 inch WhipThis whip is made from genuine real leather. It is black, and the length from handle to tip is twenty inches. Produced by skilled workers who pay attention to details, it is of excellent craftsmanship.Read more » ($0.00)
Ten Inch BDSM Slapper
10in SlapperThe leather stripes of this bdsm slapper are ten inches long. They are made of genuine real leather, and the two straps are held together with a real leather tie. The design of the two straps are made to inflict more pain with less...Read more » ($12.34)
Bondage Crop
In: Crops
Ruff doggie fluffy heart crop - redSometimes love can be tough. Use this crop with a cute pink heart on the end in ways which show you need to administer a little tough love. This black and pink bondage tool is made with real leather.Read more » ($21.14)
Feather Tickler 26 inch Crop
Crop Feather Tickler 26 in RedUse this red feather tickler to tease, tantalize and tickle torture your submissive. It is made from real leather and real feathers, and is dyed red. The crop portion of this bondage tool is 28 inches long.Read more » ($19.54)
Fetish Fantasy O Ring Mouth Opener with Niple Clamps
Fetish fantasy o-ring gag w/nipple clampsThis mouth opener gag inserts an O Ring into the mouth, forcing it in an open position. It also features nipple clamps. A harness holds the mouth opener gag and the nipple clamps in place, as the harness encircles the breasts.Read more » ($14.10)
The Punisher Muzzle
The Punisher MuzzleHow about wearing this to your next bdsm gathering? This intimidating looking leather muzzle has a shape like a skull and a snap-on blindfold. It is held in place securely with straps, four lockable buckles and a collar. Look fierce and intimidate your submissive!Read more » ($115.38)
Bondage Penis Gag
Gag PenisUsing a penis for a gag puts a little symbolism behind the whole being gagged scene. Gag your servant and make a statement at the same time. However, when you are having something put in your mouth, sanitation is a vital concern. This is...Read more » ($34.32)
Four Foot Leather Bondage Leash
4 Ft Leather LeashThis sturdy four foot long black BDSM leash is made from genuine real leather. It features a wrist strap. The clip easily fastens to any D or O ring on collars. Leashes are used within the BDSM community to portray one individual as belonging...Read more » ($20.59)
BDSM Leather Choker Collars
Leather Choker w/ O Ring, Black, SmallLooking for a way to physically establish your dominance over your slave, and at the same time give everyone else a visual clue that your submissive is taken and owned by you? The best way to do that is to fasten a leather choker...Read more » ($19.53)
Punk Bondage Belt with Four O Rings
Punk Bondage Belt, L/XLThis belt is great for binding hands at the sides of your submissive. It is also excellent for attachment to other restraint equipment, allowing you to restrain your slave in style and with a sturdy, well fashioned leather belt. It features four O rings...Read more » ($32.84)
Pink BDSM Bondage Tie Down Tethers
Blush Tethers and Leash SetThese candy colored tethers are a gorgeous pastel pink. These high quality straps allow you to effectively restrain your partner to bedposts, chairs or any other sturdy post. Use tethers to restrain your submissive and explore BDSM fantasies with these quality straps.Read more » ($10.14)
Premium Bondage Suspension Cuffs
Deluxe Suspension CuffsWhen suspending your submissive in the air, care must be taken to support their body so as not to cause harm from lack of circulation or pressure points that are focused too heavily on one area. These bondage suspension cuffs will help you avoid...Read more » ($142.00)
Premium Leather Straight Jackets
Premium Leather Straitjacket, Black, X-LargeHere we have a premium leather straight jacket. Regarding the images — the top is the black leather straight jacket. The bottom is the white leather straight jacket. Both black and white have black straps on the back, for making the jacket nice and...Read more » ($550.25)
Hog Tie Leather Black
Hog Tie Leather BlackHog ties are an excellent means of restraining your willing submissive. Included in this package are four straps and the central O ring which the straps attach to. The wrist and ankle cuffs shown in the picture are sold separately.Read more » ($30.45)
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