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Lesbian Double Dildo
Triple Play Lesbian Dong - PurpleThis is a different kind of double dildo. It is positioned for two lesbians so they can enjoy intimacy facing each other. The positioning of the dildo shafts are such that two women can embrace while sharing.Read more » ($34.08)
Rabbit Pearl Plus Triple Prong Vibrator
Rabbit pearl plus+ tranlucent - purpleThe Rabbit Pearl is an extremely popular rabbit vibe. The Rabbit Pearl Plus is the Rabbit Pearl you love with an additional anus stimulator. That makes this the perfect triple vibrator — capable of stimulating three erogenous zones simultaneously.Read more » ($61.14)
Triple Threat Lady Bug
Triple Threat Ladybug Vibrator - BlueThe Triple Threat Lady Bug is a rabbit vibrator made to stimulate three erogenous zones simultaneously. It consists of a dildo rabbit with two attachments, one for stimulating the clitoris and the other the anus. The cute rabbit clitoral stimulator attached to the dildo...Read more » ($58.94)
Crystal Flex Waterproof Triple Rabbit
Waterproof crystal flexThe Crystal Flex is a waterproof triple rabbit vibrator, made to stimulate the clitoris, vagina and anus simultaneously. The triple vibrator qualities of this sex toy makes it one of the most popular adult toys available today.Read more » ($36.45)
Triple Action Seahorse
Seahorse Triple Action Vibe - BlueThis adult toy stimulates three erogenous zones simultaneously. This is one of many great triple stimulating sex toys available on this site. This is one of the best, because the anal stimulator is detached with a long stretchy cord, making the positioning easy as...Read more » ($62.48)
The Triple Fling Vibrator
Waterproof crystal flexAlas, there is no more Triple Fling — this sex toy has been discontinued. We have searched high and low to bring you an excellent and suitable replacement. Here is the next best thing! The following product is not only comparable, it is highly...Read more » ($36.45)
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