9-Pattern Vibration Double Motor 30° Wave-Motion Prostate Massager


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Looking for an intense sexual experience beyond the normal male ejaculation? For most men, prostate milking sounds like some kinky stuff for porn stars or gay men. However, milking the prostate has many benefits for all men despite their sexual orientation. For starters, it increases intimacy between couples and can also be a source of power for some women. The milking involves sensually stimulating the prostate gland, without engaging in anal sex.

The prostate gland is an erogenous part in a man’s body known to offer a wonderful sensation when stimulated. Unfortunately, not many know about this heavenly realm hidden deep in their assholes. However, this pleasurable sweet spot requires the right stimulation to give you mind-blowing orgasms. In fact, improper prostate stimulation may result in a very painful experience that may leave an impression that hinders you from feeling what I can describe as the best orgasm ever.


  • The waving angle is between 0-30 degrees, which simulates a human finger exploring the body.
  • The dual-motor design, with 81 combined vibration modes, will provide you with hours of fun without being bored.
  • Medical silicone material, will not cause any harm to your body.
  • Reasonable size, perfect for beginners, easy to insert into your anus.
  • The raised lump in the middle increases the tingling sensation on the inner wall of the anus.

The head waving angle is between 0-30 degrees, simulating the process of constantly waving fingers in the body. It's such a well-shaped tip that can accurately stimulate your prostate. Additionally, both shaft and widened base have 9-pattern powerful vibrations. Namely, the curvy shaft will massage your P-Spot while the widened base pulsates against the perineum at the same time! You're guaranteed to have a worry-free sex life inasmuch as this ergonomic vibrator is sturdy and never-fall-down. Lie on the bed now, and then put it into your sweet hole and use the remote control to experience the incredible sensations create by varying functions. Do not hesitate to take this vibrator home, and enjoy a variety of different ways to play in your own room or bathroom, you will love this toy deeply!

Material: medical silicone + ABS

Weight: 0.34lb
Size: 5.5 x 3.96''

Charging time: 1.5h

Work time: 1-1.5h

Waterproof: IPX7

Noise: <40dbs

Package included:
1 x Prostate Massager
1 x Remote Control
1 x Charging Cable

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9-Pattern Vibration Double Motor 30° Wave-Motion Prostate Massager

9-Pattern Vibration Double Motor 30° Wave-Motion Prostate Massager


9-Pattern Vibration Double Motor 30° Wave-Motion Prostate Massager


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

So I haven't been able to touch myself for 3 months, due to a painful and unfortunate peyronie's disease. Pain for days or weeks after, each time. But then I got an idea... Didn't even think a prostate orgasm was possible (for me, at least), but dammit I was going to try anyways. I'd tampered around with the prostate before, but nothing compares to what this gave me. About 10 minutes, max vibrator. The curling motion was nice, but with a bit of experimenting I found wedging up and twisting left and right with a shallow penetration worked best. It only took about 5 minutes after I found my sweet spot, and it caught me off guard when it hit. Still shaking as I write this. First review, and well deserved.


Just got PHANXY Wave-Motion Vibrating Prostate Massager and was looking forward to using it. This was my second time using a prostrate massager and I was nervous about the size. My wife and I have read a lot about them and after reading reviews we decided to try this one out because it was a little smaller than the previous one but also had the wave motion that simulates a curling finger. PHANXY's massager comes in a classy box inside the discreet Amazon box. Opened it up and was pleased at the first impression. The silicone is soft and feels great. With proper lubrication and some desensitizing cream, I was able to insert it but there was some discomfort as it was only my second time. Wish the head was smaller but then again I'm new to this. Once in, it didn't hurt and I was able to relax and enjoy it. The wave motion has multiple settings and felt fantastic. My wife had fun using the remote to tease me as she toggled between the different wave and vibrating settings. The variety of different vibrating settings and waves are well thought out and it felt really good to enjoy a setting for a minute or so and switch to next to get the full experience of the vibration combined with the different waves. For a second time user, it was amazing and I look forward to using it again. Customer service is great and I would definitely recommend this toy to others.


This product is ergonomic and well designed. The material is sanitary, comfortable, and waterproof. The vibration and mechanical action are powerful, and the controls are intuitive. I would recommend this model over others.


Ride the wave!!!! This is an amazing massager. The wave aspect is what sets this apart from the rest. I tried in a. Out of water and I can't even tell which way is better. I still used lube in the water and that kicked it up a notch


I really like this one. It might be a little hard to get it in at first but once it does, it has a very nice feel to it. While I wish it were slightly longer, I don't really have any other complaints. The material is fairly firm, so it won't be all over the place, and it's kind of bulbous feeling as well. It's pretty quiet as well, not sure how incognito it is though visually for other reasons.

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