Ultimate Waterproof Hands-Free Male Masturbator with Tongue-Licking, Rotating, and Sucking Action - Perfect for Underwater Pleasure


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Experience the Best Male Masturbators - Waterproof, Advanced Design, 4-in-1 Functionality!
WE CALL IT TORNADO: Upgrade Your Pleasure with 7 Modes and 360° Rotation!
IT WILL HIT THE SPOT: The Ultimate Male Masturbator with Realistic 3D Sleeve and 7 Sucking-Licking Patterns!
Easy to Use and Care For - Enjoy up to 45 Minutes of Climax-Inducing Pleasure!
Buy with Confidence - Discreet Packaging Available!
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Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 10.51 x 3.54 x 3.5 inches; 1.5 Pounds

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Ultimate Waterproof Hands-Free Male Masturbator with Tongue-Licking, Rotating, and Sucking Action - Perfect for Underwater Pleasure

Ultimate Waterproof Hands-Free Male Masturbator with Tongue-Licking, Rotating, and Sucking Action - Perfect for Underwater Pleasure


Ultimate Waterproof Hands-Free Male Masturbator with Tongue-Licking, Rotating, and Sucking Action - Perfect for Underwater Pleasure


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I own a few of these machines at this point. Each operates a little differently.This is one of my favorites.1. Great power. Doesn't get bogged down getting its job done2. Rotation. First one that has this feature. Adds a great new dimension vs just sucking or vibrating3. Not Loud. Some of these sound like an industrial machine. This one has acceptable decibels for me.4. Easy to clean. Was worried at first how I would get into the cylinder and access the inner portions. As you can see from the picture it breaks down nicely and is easily accessible.5. Continuous suction. It will just hold the suction in place. First time with that feature also. I like it for when I need to put the brakes on.6. Easy to Handle. Some of these just slip right out of your hand due to the design of the outer case. This one has ridges on the outside making it easier to grasp and hold on.Overall a great machine . You won't be disappointed.


Let’s break this down:Personal preference? Not my favorite, but good for what it is.Suction? Ungodly powerful. Be careful lol. It works very very well. Like VERY. Haha.Feel? Hard rubber. Not soft. Needs cornstarch asap.Spinning? Lots of options. If the suction is maxed out, struggles to spin a bit.Water function? Yea it can go in water. Shoots water out of the top. Easy to clean this way.Operation? Sometimes hard to figure out how to decompress the unit and you’ll have to pull it off with a finger.


This is a toy on a another level as it does something that usually takes two separate toys to do. This not only has suction and vibration but also has a soft silicone lining that spins in multiple directions with tongue like protrusions at the end and several around the circumference making for many multiple sensations all along the shaft, base and tip. There are several different settings for multiple different experiences. Charging cable is USB and is about as sturdy as I have seen for an adult toy. I have not run the battery out on the toy yet, so the battery is sturdy and lasts a good long time. Highly recommend this toy.


I obsessed over choosing a reasonably priced toy that wouldn't just end up in the garbage in a few weeks. I'm glad I chose this one. It has good battery life, GREAT texture, a ton of options, isn't too loud...and I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it is almost TOO good. I have trouble lasting. It makes me finish too quickly. And I've never had trouble lasting, alone or with a partner. Especially with vibration on setting 3 and suction on pattern 1. It feels utterly incredible, and I keep having to stop it if I want to enjoy a longer session.


Package came in the mail and was quite lightweight. Upon opening, one will find the main product wrapped in a plastic sleeve, instructions, earphones and charger.

Am very satisfied with this new Masturbator Toy, its overall functionality, overall productivity, and overall comfort and feel.

Have went through many self masturbator products and have had difficulty finding the right toy that encompassed proper feel, suction, motion, and was overall not too bulky to handle. Am quite lucky I found all of these must haves in this product.

Will definitely be telling my friends!

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